Aarhus University is the highest-rated university in Denmark

Aarhus University received the highest distinction, awarded for “outstanding” international student satisfaction making it the highest-rated university in Denmark. At the same time Denmark was rated third best place to study in Europe.

2014.11.26 | Alina Muntean

Based on StudyPortals International Student Satisfaction Awards 2014, Denmark is one of the best places to study in Europe. The awards take into account the opinions of 7000 students who reviewed their experiences of studying in various countries.

Six Danish universities were nominated for student satisfaction awards, but with an average of 9.5 out of 10, Aarhus University received the highest distinction, awarded for “outstanding” international student satisfaction.

The high standards and quality of education, the international environment, the level of independence, the self-scheduling options are few of the aspects, the international students mentioned, when describing their experience in Denmark.

Most importantly, they appreciate "Danish universities’ innovative teaching, combining theoretical knowledge with project-based practical experiences that require critical thinking and cooperation".

Check the final results of the Study Portals Awards 2014, for Denmark, here.


“The university has great academics. All the teachers are very friendly and the learning program is very efficient. University facilities are very modern and encourage the use of new technologies as a tool that should help to acquire new knowledge during the classes.” – Student from Poland

“Nice teachers with great methods. Good organization, great lessons with fun activities. We also learned a lot. You were never scared of a teacher or of a presentation – teachers and students are on the same level.”– Student from Austria

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