Invitation to the 17th UIC Christmas Party


2014.11.26 | Alina Muntean

Dear Internationals,

All are invited to join the UIC CHRISTMAS PARTY 2014 which takes place Wednesday 3 December in Stakladen at the Student House. We will “dan<input class="c-inputButton" name="_saveandclosedok" src="typo3/clear.gif" title="Save and close document" type="image" />ce around a big Christmas Tree” and sing at the same time, ending with the bit chaotic “Nu’ det jul igen”. And then the presents have to be found under the tree! Afterwards the Christmas party continues at beautifully set tables for a light Christmas meal including the Christmas dessert “risalamande” - a special Danish kind of rice pudding – with prizes

It is always very good to meet and this party has a tradition of being full of friendly international fellowship and with introduction to Danish Christmas ways of celebrating the Eve of Christmas on 24 December.

When signed up for the UIC Christmas Party we really look forward to meeting you. Of course something may happen and prevent you from attending. But please keep in mind that meetings – which for the participants are free of charge – still require work to organize, food to be ordered - not to mention a budget to cover the expenses – so please cancel your participation, if you should be unable to attend.

PLACE & TIME: 3 December, 3 pm to approx. 5.30 pm in Stakladen, the Canteen, Student House on Frederik Nielsens Vej, 8000 Aarhus  

BRING PRESENT: 1 present value DKK20 each adult + bring presents for your own children 

SIGN UP: No later than 27 November at 12 noon - please tell us the number of adults and children. Read more and sign up on

For further information please contact Gitte Haahr-Andersen at +45 30 69 84 83 /

The UIC Christmas Party will be an event to remember with all its special moments: Very, very welcome to the party!

 On behalf of us at University International Club

Best wishes,