More U.S. Students are going abroad for college - why not consider Denmark?

Both The Huffington Post and Wall Street Journal have recently featured articles about Americans taking their full college degree outside the U.S. Most students choose to go to the U.K. or Canada, but here are 10 reasons why Denmark and in particular Aarhus University could be another option.

2015.10.16 | Gitte Bindzus Foldager

1. Study in English

Many students think you have to learn Danish to study in Denmark, but Aarhus University actually offers more than 60 programmes taught entirely in English. Four of these are Bachelor programmes, the rest are Master's programmes. 

Actually Denmark offers the highest percentage of programmes taught in English in any non-English-speaking European country.

2. Top 100 university

Aarhus University is consistently ranked as one of the world's top universities - for instance it is No. 73 on the Shanghai Ranking.

3. Favourable tuition fees

The tuition fee for Bachelor programmes range between EUR 8000-8,500 (USD 9,100-9,700*) per year while Master's programmes range between EUR 8,000-13,500 (USD 9,100-15,400*) per year.

EU/EEA and Swiss citizens study for free.

4. English - No problem!

Danes were recently ranked as the best non-native English speakers in the world, so you don't even have to learn Danish to live and study here, but if you want to learn then...

5. Free Danish lessons

All international students are offered free Danish classes right here on campus.

6. Plenty of opportunities to study in other places

If you want to do a semester abroad during your studies at Aarhus University there are also countless opportunities with more than 900 exchange agreements with universities all over the world.

7. Easy access to the rest of Europe

From Aarhus you can get to Berlin by train in under 7 hours, London is one hour away by plane and Paris 12 hours by car. So while you are here it is easy to explore the rest of Europe too.

8. You will not be the only international student

At Aarhus University 12 % of our students are international representing more than 120 nationalities. 

9. Beautiful campus and university

In 2013 Aarhus University was named one of the most beautiful universities in the world by the Huffington Post

10. Other reasons?

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*As of October 2015

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