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2013.05.28 | Awards

World-class finance pioneer

Two close friends from Grindsted Upper Secondary School had considerable influence on Torben Gustav Andersen’s choice of studies at Aarhus University. Together they enrolled in Mathematics-Economics, a small degree programme from which they all graduated with an MSc in Economics some years later, in Dr Andersen’s case in 1985.

2013.05.28 | Awards

Researcher in deep water

“It’s like discovering a new continent on our planet.” This is how Professor Bo Barker Jørgensen describes the research that has made him a pioneer in the study of the seabed and the life that unfolds deep down at the bottom of the ocean.

2013.05.07 | Business

AU professor involved in shaping Denmark’s export showcase

A new export hall of fame is to identify Denmark’s leading global enterprises. The initiative is the brainchild of the Danish Trade and Investment Ministry, and AU professor Philipp Schröder has been selected to join the ‘hall of fame committee’.

Photo: Anders Trærup/AU Communication

2013.05.06 | Education

Significant increase in applicants for master's degree programmes

The influx of applicants for the graduate programmes at Aarhus University has increased significantly. This is the initial conclusion after application deadline for the majority of the university's master's programmes.

2013.04.08 | Events

Prominent alumnus returns

17 years ago, the Defense Minister of Latvia Artis Pabriks received his PhD degree in political science at Aarhus University. This week, he returns to give a guest lecture on 'Global and Regional Challenges to the Baltic Sea Region'.

2013.04.02 | Research

AUFF rewards bright ideas

The Aarhus University Research Foundation invites researchers to the second round of the AU IDEAS programme, which exists to help AU researchers realise particularly innovative research ideas.

2013.03.22 | Grants

Super maize can put sustainable food on the table

A new research project financed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation should pave the way towards a cheap and sustainable solution to some of Africa’s food problems. Researchers at Aarhus University are involved in the efforts to develop maize that can create its own fertiliser. On a global scale, this could lead to a reduction in the use of…

2013.03.06 | Administrative conditions

Dean Brian Bech Nielsen named new rector of Aarhus University

The Aarhus University Board has decided to appoint Dr Brian Bech Nielsen as rector of Aarhus University as of August 2013 for a six-year term. Dr Bech Nielsen is currently dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Aarhus University.

[Translate to English:] Foto: Lars Kruse / AU Kommunikation

2013.03.06 | Administrative conditions

Rector Holm-Nielsen: Brian Bech Nielsen is the right man for the job

‘Brian Bech Nielsen is an excellent candidate and the right man for the job. I am proud that the Board has found the best candidate within the university’s own ranks.’

2013.03.06 | Administrative conditions

THE NEW RECTOR: A lifelong fascination with knowledge

The newly appointed rector of Aarhus University, Brian Bech Nielsen, is looking forward to engaging employees in dialogue about the university that holds such a central place in his heart. He describes himself as a listening manager who prefers to get things out in the open - and he describes the recent WPA as a warning cry from dedicated…

2013.03.05 | Research

New research centre to reveal the mysteries of the brain

EMBL – Europe’s flagship for basic research in the life sciences – now includes Aarhus University as its Danish partner. On the initiative of the Lundbeck Foundation, a new elite research centre – DANDRITE – will provide the prestigious framework for top international research into neuroscience.

2013.03.04 | Staff

Letter threat against university buildings at Taasingegade was a false alarm

The letter threat against buildings at Taasingagade was a false alarm. This is the conclusion reached by East Jutland Police after searching the entire area and the buildings.

2013.02.22 | Research

Can the internet be used to ease psychological complications following treatment for cancer?

The TrygFonden foundation has made DKK 9.8 million of funding available for new research at Aarhus University intended to establish whether internet-based computer programs can be used to help people who have received treatment for cancer overcome subsequent psychological complications such as anxiety, depression and sleep problems.

2013.02.20 | Science and Technology

New SARS virus put scientists on alert

A new SARS-like virus has been found in the Middle East, and an international team of researchers with Danish participation has found that the new virus is growing just as fast as a cold virus, and the disease is more severe. The disease could potentially be cured with a treatment that stimulates the immune system

2013.01.22 | Research

China’s future president personally honours Danish researcher

On Friday 18 January, future President Xi Jinping is bestowing the highest Chinese honour in the natural sciences, the International Science and Technology Cooperation Award of the People's Republic of China, on Flemming Besenbacher, professor of nanoscience at Aarhus University and chairman of the Board of Directors of Carlsberg A/S and the…

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Communication

2013.01.15 | News from the management

Strong field of applicants for the position of rector at Aarhus University

On 9 January, the chairman of the Board of Aarhus University was satisfied with the field of applicants for the position of university rector.

2013.04.25 | Research

Air-breathing fish under the surface

Fish farmed in South-East Asia are the fastest growing protein source in the world. However, most of the species are air-breathing fish with an unknown physiology. A major grant from Danida means that Danish biologists can now identify the physiology of the fish to ensure and optimise their growth in spite of rising water temperatures.

International panel of experts agree that Aarhus is the best place to locate a national centre for particle therapy for cancer patients. Photo: Tonny Foghmar

2012.12.20 | Research

Aarhus chosen for new national particle therapy centre

International panel of experts agree that Aarhus is the best place to locate a national centre for particle therapy for cancer patients.

2012.12.19 | News from the management

Latest update on bomb threat at AU

The East Jutland police have just released additional information about the bomb threat against the Fuglesangs Allé campus.

2012.12.19 | People

Michael Svarer appointed new chairman of the Danish Economic Councils

The Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior, Margrethe Vestager from the Social Liberal Party, has appointed Michael Svarer, Professor of Economics at Aarhus University, new member of the Chairmanship of the Danish Economic Councils, the Secretariat of the Danish Economic Councils has announced.

2012.12.17 | Forside

Bomb threat against Campus Fuglesangs Allé was a false alarm

The bomb threat against Aarhus University, Campus Fuglesangs Allé, was a false alarm. This is the conclusion reached by East Jutland Police after searching the entire area and the 40,000 square metres.

2012.12.13 | People

Professor Lars Arge named ACM Fellow

Lars Arge, Professor of Computer Science, has been named ACM Fellow by his peers from among the international elite. The title is a recognition of his research on algorithms for efficient handling of large amounts of data as well as a reminder to Denmark that funding for basic research can keep even the best researchers in the country.

2012.12.07 | Events

Nobel Laureate makes a stop in Aarhus

Sir John B. Gurdon, University of Cambridge, will be presented next week with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012. Following a tour around Sweden, he will make a stop at Aarhus University on his way home. On Monday 17 December 2012, he will present his Nobel Lecture.

2012.12.06 | Research

Aarhus University to help prevent absenteeism

A new research centre at Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences is to focus on absenteeism – and how to reduce the problem. Backed by a large grant from the Trygfonden foundation, this is one of the projects targeted at establishing which initiatives intended to improve conditions for children and young people actually work.

2012.12.05 | Research

iSEQ opening ceremony

Friday 7 December 2012 Aarhus University's Centre for Integrative Sequencing - iSEQ, invites all interested to its opening ceremony. The event will be marked by talks from four prominent international researchers, including the inaugural lecture as Honorary Professor at Department of Biomedicine by Wang Jun, Professor and Director of BGI.

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