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2011.08.31 | Awards

Flemming Besenbacher receives distinguished American chemistry award

Professor Flemming Besenbacher has been awarded the Langmuir Lecture Award 2011.

2011.08.30 | Research

Efficient use of nature’s packed lunch

Newly hatched chicks use the packed lunch they bring with them from the egg best if their first meal is postponed.

2011.08.29 | Research

A new spin on topological insulator surfaces

A team of researchers headed by Aarhus physicist Phillip Hofmann has discovered that properties of the topological insulator bismuth selenide could provide the solution to how a new computing technology called ‘spintronics’ can work at room temperature.

2011.08.22 | Research

New protein complexes shed light on quality control in human cells

Researchers at Aarhus University have identified and characterised two novel protein complexes associated with the human RNA exosome, an important player in the cell's quality control of RNA.

2011.08.16 | News from the management

Aarhus University moves up the ranking list

Aarhus University has moved up twelve places in the Shanghai ranking list of the world’s best universities. With its placing as number eighty-six, the university is thus among this year’s high jumpers on the list.

2011.08.15 | Research

PhD student wins international engineering competition

Lasse Bjerg, a PhD student at the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre (iNANO) and the Centre for Energy Materials (CEM), Aarhus University, has won the title of EUSPEN International Challenge Winner 2011 at the Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing, UK.

2011.08.08 | Research

Millions of small RNAs paint a bigger picture of human gene activity

Scientists have discovered the origin of a new group of small RNAs (sRNAs) that contain genetic information.

2011.08.08 | News from the management

EU supports new degree programmes at Aarhus University

In fierce competition with universities from all over Europe, Aarhus University has secured support from the European Union for two international degree programmes in journalism and sustainable farming.

2011.08.08 | Research

Sea ice in the Arctic is far from stable

A new research project involving scientists at the Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University, has shown that the summer sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has been far from stable during the last 10,000 years.

Now a hotbed of historical artifacts, the site of the Füsing dig used to be little more than trees and fields.
This caltrop, designed to pierce through a foot, was among the many found at the site, suggesting violence.
AU student Amanda Ellermann Trans digs into the ground, and into the past.

2011.08.03 | Research

Digging Into the Past: AU excavation team finds history underground

An excavation team, led by Aarhus University professor Andres Dobat, heads to Germany to piece together a story of politics, violence and religion.

2011.08.01 | Research

Save money and increase yield with smart traffic in the field

A new decision support system can help farmers optimize their traffic in the field. The farmer can thereby increase machine efficiency, avoid soil compaction, save on pesticides whilst increasing yield.

2011.08.01 | Research

Prestigious award for trapping antihydrogen

The American Physical Society has awarded the John Dawson Award for Excellence in Plasma Physics Research 2011 to Jeffrey Hangst and Paul Bowe, Department of Physics and Astronomy.