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Photo: Erik W. Olsson

2012.01.03 | News from the management

Merger is a boost for engineering science

At the turn of the year Aarhus University merged with the Engineering College of Aarhus – a merger which both institutions have been looking forward to for some time.

2011.12.21 | Research

Ten years to become an international research brand

In 2011, the Centre for Corporate Communication has celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Ten years ago, the centre was humbly reading American textbooks - today it is writing the chapters.

2011.12.21 | Grants

ERC Starting Grant for research into inbreeding in spiders

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Trine Bilde, Department of Bioscience, an ERC Starting Grant of DKK 11 million (approximately EUR 1.5 million) for a research project called Ecogenomics of Inbreeding.

2011.12.21 | Research

Trust crucial for the survival of the welfare state

The survival of the welfare state depends on citizens trusting each other. New research shows that trust is crucial for society avoiding corruption and exploitation of the system, while giving the private sector greater freedom to increase productivity.

2011.12.20 | Research

Export companies should stand shoulder to shoulder

Results from a new PhD thesis from Aarhus University show that export companies which are members of a sector network can boost sales by more than 80% over four years.

2011.12.20 | Grants

Danish Council for Strategic Research awards major nano grants to Aarhus University

In the recent round of allocations, researchers at the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre (iNANO) at Aarhus University were successful in attracting five grants worth a total of DKK 50 million.

2011.12.20 | Grants

Carlsberg Foundation awards grant to Jeffrey Hangst for research into antimatter

The Carlsberg Foundation has granted DKK 3.3 million (approximately EUR 450,000) to Associate Professor Jeffrey Hangst, Aarhus University. He is the spokesperson for the ALPHA group at CERN, the world leader in research into antihydrogen..

2011.12.20 | Talent development

Two Novo Scholarships to students at Science and Technology

MSc student Maja Holch Nielsen, Medical Chemistry, and PhD student Lasse Bach Steffensen, Molecular Medicine, have been granted scholarships by Novo Nordisk and Novozymes in the Novo Scholarship Programme 2012.

2011.12.15 | Research

Immigration strengthens exports

Immigration is strengthening the international trade of Danish businesses. According to new research, their exports in particular benefit from foreign labour.

2011.12.15 | Research

Where should the boundaries of the state’s duty be drawn?

New PhD thesis examines the boundaries of the state’s duty to compensate disadvantaged citizens such as people with physical disabilities. The thesis fills a void in political theory.

2011.12.13 | Research

Progress on European ranking list for Business and Social Sciences

Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences is heading in the right direction according to the Financial Times ranking list for European business schools, on which it has moved up six places. Dean Svend Hylleberg believes that there is a chance of reaching top 20.

2011.12.09 | Research

Cores of giant stars spin faster than their outer layers

Astronomers at Aarhus University have studied the interiors of giant stars and can ascertain that they behave quite differently from the Sun.

An artistic rendition of the recently discovered planet Kepler-22b, which orbits a Sun-like star at a distance that means it could be habitable. Photo: NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech.

2011.12.07 | Research

Aarhus University astronomers help find Earth-like planet

Astronomers using NASA’s Kepler space telescope have succeeded for the first time in finding a planet with a surface temperature that, in principle, is favourable for life. The newly discovered planet is 600 light years from Earth.

2011.12.06 | Research

Guide to boosting exports to Germany

While everybody is hoping for economic growth, the websites of Danish businesses are getting in the way of increasing exports to Germany, Denmark’s largest export market. Cultural as well as linguistic and technical problems have been identified by a new research and innovation project. Now a guide is to help businesses succeed in the German…

2011.12.01 | Research

Potential for organic exports to China

A research project conducted at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences has identified what motivates Chinese consumers to choose organic food. The reasons and values are precisely the same as those motivating consumers in the Western world, making it easier for Danish organic producers to target the Chinese market.