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2011.07.08 | Research

Statisticians from Aarhus University most cited in the world

According to a brand-new survey, the discipline statistics at Aarhus University ranks among the global elite.

2011.07.08 | News from the management

New head of the Department of Geoscience

With the appointment of Professor Søren Bom Nielsen as the head of the Department of Geoscience, all twelve positions as heads of departments at Science and Technology have now been filled.

2011.07.06 | Research

iNANO research is this month’s Thomson Reuters ”New Hot Paper”

An article in Nature Materials by Associate Professor Liv Hornekær and her research group has now been added to the Thomson Reuters list of ”New hot Papers” in Materials Science.

2011.07.01 | Research

Protein pumps copper, silver and gold

Researchers from Aarhus University are the first in the world to map the structure of a protein that pumps copper ions across the cell membrane.