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Dr. Jamil Salmi is an economist at the World Bank, where he focuses on the field of further education. Even though the topic of his address was ‘world-class universities’, he isn’t actually very keen on using the term. He pointed out that there are about 20,000 universities in the world, and that focusing purely on the 50 best might therefore be a problem. Photo: Roar Paaske/ AU Foto

2011.05.27 | Reseach policy

Are we winning the race?

Talent, money and appointing the right management – these are the basic ingredients of a “World Class University”, as presented by Dr. Jamil Salmi from the World Bank at an open debate on the future of universities.

2011.05.18 | Research

Observatory on the sea bed reveals life

Microbiologists have carried out experiments in an advanced observatory 3190 metres below sea level. The results show that life exists even in the rocky subsurface of the world’s oceans.

2011.05.17 | Research

Scientists reveal new basic knowledge of cell membranes

Following an interdisciplinary collaboration, scientists at Aarhus University have presented a ground-breaking method to study cell membranes.

2011.05.16 | Research

Scientists show that particles from space create cloud cover

Scientists have directly demonstrated in a new experiment that cosmic radiation can create small floating particles – so-called aerosols – in the atmosphere. By doing so, they substantiate the connection between the Sun’s magnetic activity and the Earth’s climate.

According to Francis Fukuyama, Libya is one of the countries that will find it hard to fulfil the expectations of the West as far as democracy is concerned – among other things, the country lacks a national identity. The photo shows some of the rebels in the town of Ajdabiya.

2011.05.13 | Events

True democracy demands more than the right to vote

The political analyst Francis Fukuyama is convinced that the Arab Spring is going to disappoint the West – at least in the short term. Because even though people gain the right to vote, states can still be rotten.

2011.05.11 | Research

Fish suffer in rising sea temperatures

Rapidly rising temperatures in global marine environments are exerting pressure on many species of fish. This is shown in a new Danish–Australian research project in the Tasman Sea.

2011.05.05 | Events

Democratization - was Fukuyama right after all?

American political scientist Francis Fukuyama, known for his ‘end of history’ thesis, re-states his argument from 1989 in the light of recent developments in the Arabic world, and discusses it with the famous writer and journalist Fareed Zakaria at a public seminar at Aarhus University, Denmark.

2011.05.02 | Talent development

Successful recruitment of foreign PhD students

The molecular biosciences departments at Aarhus University have been successful in recruiting talented foreign PhD students who contribute with extensive knowledge, new ideas and methods, exciting foreign culture and, above all, a contagious motivation.