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2012.04.24 | Research

Palms reveal the significance of climate change for tropical biodiversity

Palms can do much more than sway on beaches of pure white sand. According to new research from Aarhus University, they can predict the future by telling the story of how flora and fauna have been affected by climate change for millions of years.

2012.04.23 | Education

Law students from Aarhus University are members of the world elite

Law students from The Department of Law have proven that they are members of the world elite. Together with Harvard, they came third in a major international competition, only beaten by the Indian university Nalsar, which won the competition, and UCL in London, which took second place.

Professor Gu Binglin, who is about to retire as Rector of Tsinghua University, and Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen, Rector of Aarhus University, sign an extension of the existing Memorandum of Understanding between the two universities, confirming their joint wish to strengthen and develop the collaboration. Gu Binglin gained his PhD from Aarhus University. Photo: Lars Kruse AU/Kommunikation

2012.04.20 | Knowledge exchange

Close collaboration with leading Chinese university

The elite Tsinghua University in China and Aarhus University have now signed an extension of their existing cooperation agreement, a so-called “Memorandum of Understanding”, with both universities being committed to closer collaboration with regard to research and education. Tsinghua University is consistently ranked as one of the very best…

2012.04.18 | Research

Renaissance of the Danish ‘Bacon Pig’

The Danish Landrace 1970 – also known as the ‘Bacon Pig’ – has received a genetic boost. By using frozen semen, “old” genes have successfully been re-introduced to the breed. This has huge impact on the preservation of the breed.

2012.04.18 | Research

Mayors' networks impacting local politics

Mayors' networks impacting local politics New research from Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences shows that municipalities exchange useful solutions and influence each others' politics through the mayors' professional networks.

2012.04.12 | Grants

Prestigious grant of DKK 11 million to molecular biologist

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded the prestigious Hallas-Møller Scholarship valued at DKK 11 million to Lasse Bohl Jenner to study how regulation and localisation of the ribosome – and thereby protein synthesis – is used by the organism to control areas such as the establishment of long-term memory, general cell development and tissue…