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2012.08.17 | Research

Large new Danish diabetes research academy

New knowledge about diabetes and new ways to prevent and treat the disease. These are the long-term perspectives for the Danish Diabetes Academy, which is being launched on 1 September. More than 300 researchers will be affiliated with the academy, and Aarhus University’s representative on the Academy Board is Dean Allan Flyvbjerg.

2012.08.14 | Research

Macabre finds in the bog at Alken Enge

A fractured skull and a thighbone hacked in half. Finds of damaged human bones along with axes, spears, clubs and shields confirm that the bog at Alken Enge was the site of violent conflict.

2012.08.13 | Media

The bank packages are prolonging the financial crisis

The bank packages are prolonging the financial crisis A new survey from Aarhus University shows that financing difficulties are still – four years after the financial crisis – costing jobs. Even among the best-performing companies. According to Niels Westergård-Nielsen, Professor of Economics, Denmark is ready to move on, but the politicians are…

Photo: Jesper Rais/AU Kommunikation

2012.08.13 | Grants

Novozymes awards major grant to Aarhus University

DKK 600,000 a year for seven years will ensure more exchanges between India and Aarhus University.

2012.08.10 | Research

Interdisciplinary studies of user participation will contribute to the IT of the future

IT is now an integral part of our social and cultural lives, and to an increasing extent we all contribute to shaping the technology to our own needs. Over the coming years, researchers from the Department of Aesthetics and Communication and from the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University will be exploring together aspects of and…