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2012.02.21 | Research

Light in slow motion

How long does it take an electron to form a photon? The answer would normally be: so short a time that it cannot be measured. However, the international CERN team responsible for experiment NA63 – mainly staffed by physicists from Aarhus University – has now succeeded in dragging out the process, thereby making it measurable.

2012.02.16 | Research

Pigs with built-in defence against diarrhoea

Scientists at Aarhus University are investigating whether genetic resistance to E. coli infections is a sustainable approach to fight diarrhoea in pig production.

In the context of his tenure as distinguished visiting professor at AU, Dr Putnam will participate in the May 2013 MatchPoints Seminar at Aarhus University, which will focus on 'social capital and contemporary challenges in relation to social trust and cohesion'.

2012.02.15 | People

Prominent American political scientist appointed distinguished visiting professor at AU

The American political scientist Robert Putnam of the Harvard University School of Government has been named distinguished visiting professor for 2013 and 2014.

The theme of this year's MatchPoints seminar at Aarhus University is Conflicted memories: memories of war, conflict and transitional periods. Dr Thomson will be one of the seminar's main speakers. In addition, Dr Thomson will appear as keynote speaker at a conference on memory and migration in December 2012.

2012.02.15 | People

Cultural memory: more relevant than ever

Professor Alistair Thomson is 2012 distinguished visiting professor at Aarhus University. Dr Thomson is a professor of history and director of the Institute for Public History at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Francis Fukuyama received an honorary doctorate from AU in 2011.
Alistair Thomson, professor of history, Monash University, Australia.
Robert Putnam, professor of political theory and sociology, Harvard University, USA.

2012.02.15 | People

Two eminent scholars to succeed Fukuyama at AU

Researchers at Aarhus University will soon have the opportunity to collaborate with two of the world's most eminent scholars, the Australian historian Alistair Thomson (Monash University, Melbourne) and the Harvard sociologist Robert D. Putnam. Dr Thomson and Dr Putnam have been appointed distinguished visiting professors (DVP) at AU.

2012.02.15 | Research

Considerable unexploited potential among entrepreneurs with a foreign background

Despite being highly educated and highly proficient in Danish, entrepreneurs with a foreign background are still having difficulties making head and tail of the Danish system. As a result, Denmark is failing to make good use of the expertise of entrepreneurs with a foreign background.

2012.02.14 | Education

New Master's degree programme to strengthen Danish research institutions

Aarhus University has created the first Master's degree programme aimed directly at staff members at research and higher education institutions. The participants will have a share in the latest knowledge in the area and learn to manage development projects.

2012.02.13 | Research

Herbs and berries can preserve meat products naturally

Herbs and berries in organic meat production can kill two birds with one stone – the meat is conserved in a natural and healthy way and consumers are offered products with an exciting new taste.

2012.02.13 | Talent development

International nano prize awarded to MSc student

On 1 February, the Institute of Nanotechnology International Student Award 2012 was awarded to Marie Krogsgaard, MSc student in Nanoscience at Aarhus University. She won this prestigious international prize for her MSc project, which involves developing a new type of ‘glue’ for wounds and tissue. The glue is inspired by common blue mussels.

2012.02.13 | Education

Aarhus University first to offer Master of Financial Management programme

As the first university in Denmark, Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences will be offering a Master of Financial Management programme from September. No other institutions in Denmark are able to offer a similar management programme.

2012.02.09 | Research

Hot water and UV light replaces pesticides in fruit production

The use of pesticides to treat fruit is very common in fruit production, but a combination of hot water and UV light may be the way forward to a non-chemical treatment. The method can lead to less waste and improve the shelf life of fruit without using pesticides.

2012.02.08 | Research

Death Risk From Myocardial Infarction Reduced By Half

New research from Aarhus University in Denmark shows that the risk of developing and dying from myocardial infarction has been cut by nearly half during the last 25 years. Better prevention and treatment methods may be an explanation for this trend.

2012.02.02 | Research

How can the EU collaborate with India and China on new energy solutions?

Two researchers from Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences will be participating in a project to investigate how the EU can collaborate with competing emerging markets such as China and India on energy solutions.