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2012.01.30 | Research

Speedier post-operative recovery with fish oil

New research shows that fish oil in the diet is good for pigs that have been through an operation. This may now also be tested on humans.

2012.01.30 | Awards

For Women in Science Fellowship awarded to Brigitte Städler

On Thursday 26 January, Mr Manu Sareen, Denmark’s Minister for Gender Equality, presented a L’Oréal and UNESCO ‘For Women in Science Fellowship’ to Brigitte Städler, a postdoctoral scholar at Aarhus University.

Professor Mølmer is the third Aarhus University researcher in four years to receive the Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award for Technical and Scientific Research. In 2011, it went to Professor Christian S. Jensen, Department of Computer Science, while Professor Eva B. Vedel Jensen, Department of Mathematics, won the award in 2009. The award is granted each year to a Danish researcher in recognition of outstanding achievement in science and technology. Photo: Lars Kruse/AU Communication

2012.01.23 | Awards

Denmark’s largest research award goes to the ‘voice’ of quantum mechanics

He compares quantum computers with bridal bouquets, and wave functions with violin strings. Professor Klaus Mølmer is a popular communicator and top researcher. On Monday 23 January 2012, he is receiving the Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award for Technical and Scientific Research. The research award is valued at DKK 2.5 million (approximately EUR…

2012.01.19 | Research

Healthy chickens the natural way

The Danish organic chicken, the Hellevad chicken, contains the key to egg production without the use of preventive medicine. Scientists from Aarhus University are mapping the genetic basis for the chicken's robustness. The research-based knowledge can be used commercially worldwide.

2012.01.19 | Awards

Prof. Flemming Besenbacher awarded ‘The Award for International Scientific Cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’

The Award for International Scientific Cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the highest award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), People’s Republic of China. This award is to commend and honor those eminent foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to facilitate cooperation with CAS.

2012.01.17 | Talent development

UN and Business and Social Sciences launch global competition focusing on the leaders of tomorrow

In cooperation with UN, Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences now launches an ambitious competition that encourages students and lecturers worldwide to make suggestions for how the leaders of tomorrow should be educated.

2012.01.17 | People

Microscopic species named after Aarhus University biologist

Associate Professor Tomas Cedhagen – a marine biologist at the Department of Bioscience – Marine Ecology, Aarhus University – has been honoured by having a previously unknown organism named after him. This tiny single-celled animal is a foraminiferan (protozoa).

2012.01.17 | People

Doctoral dissertation gathers research on party competition

For years, Christoffer Green Pedersen, Professor of Political Science, has been doing research on the political agenda in Denmark, and now he is putting the pieces together in his doctoral dissertation entitled ‘Partier i nye tider’ (Political Parties in New Times).

2012.01.12 | Research

New technology helps house-owners overcome climate change

A new computer tool shows the consequences of climate change for ordinary house-owners, now and in future.

2012.01.10 | Research

Climate-friendly businesses need Europe

Danish companies cannot afford to go it alone in solving current climate issues. International collaboration is called for, as shown by the results of an MSc thesis from Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences.

2012.01.06 | Grants

Large grant for development of new drugs

Jørgen Kjems and Ken Howard are awarded a three-year grant of DKK 9,8 million from The Danish Council for Strategic Research for a project that focuses on the development of new drugs for cystic fibrosis and inflammatory bowel disease.

2012.01.03 | Research

Sweetened drinks can be dangerous

The risk of developing diabetes and cardio-vascular disease increases if you drink sucrose-sweetened beverages every day.

2012.01.03 | Education

New project creates entrepreneurial talents for the Danish business community

Researchers will provide students with certain skills in entrepreneurship which the business community will both fear and love. DKK 14 million from the Danish Council for Strategic Research will frame the new project, which is based at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences.

2012.01.02 | Research

Carbon to be returned to the soil

Biochar may be one of the solutions to reducing emissions of harmful greenhouse gases from agricultural land and to improving soil fertility. These are the research objectives of the EU research project Refertil, which scientists at Aarhus University are participating in.