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2012.06.28 | Research

New cancer drug shows great promise

Danish researchers have developed a new drug against prostate cancer in collaboration with researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the biotech company Genspera in the USA.

2012.06.18 | Research

New model to improve understanding of price dynamics in commodity markets

Based on models from the worlds of physics and mathematics, researchers will now develop a new model class for the empirically correct description of commodity market price dynamics. The interdisciplinary project has received DKK 3 million in funding from Aarhus University.

2012.06.13 | Research

The Nordic model for lifelong learning: a solution to the crisis

Last week, Aarhus University hosted the international conference 'Learning Unlimited'. Participating Asian and European researchers in the field of education discussed the potential of the Nordic model for lifelong learning as a strategy for bringing societies through times of crisis.

2012.06.13 | Research

Relationship communication suffers in families with infants

New research shows that courses in relationship communication for parents-to-be do not have an effect on relationship satisfaction. After the arrival of the baby, couples do not have the energy to use the tools learned in daily life.