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2012.10.31 | Media

Campus Fuglesangs Allé back to normal

On Saturday 27 October, it was back to normal for Campus Fuglesangs Allé after all teaching and exam activities were cancelled on Friday morning because of a bomb threat which later turned out to be a hoax. The police are still investigating the threat letter.

2012.10.30 | Research

Marketing researcher explains organic boom

Danish supermarkets are among the very best in Europe when it comes to the sale of organic food. Healthy and sustainable products have become so accessible that even chocolate and coffee have become green, although consumers are not very loyal to organic brands. This is the result of new research from Aarhus University, Business and Social…

2012.10.26 | Aarhus BSS

No explosives found after bomb threat at Campus Fuglesangs Allé

Aarhus University received a letter on friday morning containing a bomb threat against Campus Fuglesangs Allé. The area was searched by the police and nothing suspicious was found.

2012.10.26 | Knowledge exchange

New growth model to strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Denmark now have the opportunity to participate in a new and growth-centred project. PwC, Nykredit and Aarhus University, which are behind the project, have undertaken to strengthen SMEs and their competitiveness.

2012.10.29 | Research

Living cables explain enigmatic electric currents

The enigma of electric currents in the seabed is solved. Scientists from Aarhus University have sensationally discovered bacteria that function as living electrical cables. Each of the centimetre-long ‘cable bacteria’ contains a bundle of insulated wires leading an electric current from one end to the other.

2012.10.23 | Knowledge exchange

Partners from all over Europe to share knowledge about the international university

On 24–26 October, partners from 38 universities and 28 countries will be assembling at Aarhus University to share knowledge and experience about what it means to be an international university.

2012.10.22 | Research

Danish researchers release ground-breaking knowledge about calcium pumps in cells

Danish researchers release ground-breaking knowledge about calcium pumps in cells When animals and plants are exposed to influences such as bacterial attack, odour and cold, calcium ions flow into the cells. The calcium provides the cells with a signal about what is going on outside, but as high concentrations of calcium are toxic to the cells,…

2012.10.22 | Research

Effective treatment helps Danes with personality disorders

A study conducted by Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences and the Clinic for Personality Disorders at Aarhus University Hospital shows that modern psychoanalytic therapy has a good effect on patients with severe personality disorders. The treatment enables a number of patients to start working or start an education.

2012.10.16 | Research

Aggregation of proteins in cells may result in diseases

Changes in the structure of proteins can lead to various diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes and corneal dystrophy. A research team from Aarhus University has now discovered how a particular protein can damage cells. These results may lead to the development of drugs to treat corneal dystrophy in the future.

2012.10.11 | Students

Students win Financial Times MBA tournament

Students from Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences have just won the prestigious final in Financial Times annual MBA Challenge. Through games, the students wish to change the attitude to wearing glasses in India.

2012.10.10 | Media

Climate change is here

A new book describes in a clear and pertinent manner the effects that climate changes will have, and what we can do to mitigate these and adapt to them. Professor Jørgen E. Olesen, Aarhus University, is one of the book’s two authors.

Aarhus University has advanced nine places to number 116 in the new THE World University Rankings. Photo: Lars Kruse/AU Kommunikation

2012.10.04 | News from the management

Aarhus University moves up the THE rankings

Aarhus University has advanced nine places to number 116 in the new THE World University Rankings.

2012.10.02 | Research

Can health claims and symbols lead to healthier eating habits?

Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences participates in a new EU-funded project that aims to investigate how consumers interpret food labels, and how it affects their shopping and consumer behaviour.

Bjørk Hammer. Photo: Jesper Rais/AU Kommunikation
Søren Riis Paludan

2012.10.02 | Grants

Two AU professors win top research grants from Sapere Aude

The two AU professors Bjørk Hammer and Søren Riis Paludan, from iNANO and the Department of Biomedicine respectively, have received a total of DKK 24 million under the Sapere Aude programme run by the Danish Council for Independent Research. A total of ten AU researchers have been awarded a sizeable sum of money to kick start new, pioneering…

2012.10.02 | Research

Length matters in gene expression

A research team at Aarhus University reveals a surprising interplay between the ends of human genes: If a protein-coding gene is too short it becomes inactive! The findings also explain how some short genes have adapted to circumvent this handicap.