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Photo: Mikkel P. Tamstorf

2012.09.18 | Research

Colossal upheavals

Interdisciplinary collaboration is absolutely necessary to understanding the consequences of climate change at the top of the world. A new Arctic research centre gathers interdisciplinary research expertise from all over the globe, and its goal is nothing less than to become the foremost international centre for research in the field.

2012.09.19 | Research

X-rays reveal the self-defence mechanisms of bacteria

A research group at Aarhus University has gained unique insight into how bacteria control the amount of toxin in their cells. The new findings can eventually lead to the development of novel forms of treatment for bacterial infections.

2012.09.12 | Research

Chain reaction in the human immune system trapped in crystals

A research team from Aarhus University has revealed details of how a chain reaction in the human immune system starts. With these results, the researchers hope to promote the development of strategies aimed at alleviating suffering caused by unintentional activation of the immune system.

2012.09.10 | Research

Major investment in new digital laboratory at Danish university

On Monday, Danish Minister of Higher Education Morten Østergaard and Mette Thunø, chair of the DIGIHUMLAB steering committee, opened Denmark's first digital humanities laboratory. DIGHUMLAB is an ambitious new project that will usher in a new digital agenda for humanities research in Denmark. The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher…

2012.09.10 | Knowledge exchange

Prime minister’s visit to iNANO

On Thursday 6 September, Denmark’s prime minister took a look at nanotechnology and interdisciplinarity when she passed by students and staff at iNANO.