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2013.05.28 | Awards

World-class finance pioneer

Two close friends from Grindsted Upper Secondary School had considerable influence on Torben Gustav Andersen’s choice of studies at Aarhus University. Together they enrolled in Mathematics-Economics, a small degree programme from which they all graduated with an MSc in Economics some years later, in Dr Andersen’s case in 1985.

2013.05.28 | Awards

Researcher in deep water

“It’s like discovering a new continent on our planet.” This is how Professor Bo Barker Jørgensen describes the research that has made him a pioneer in the study of the seabed and the life that unfolds deep down at the bottom of the ocean.

2013.05.07 | Business

AU professor involved in shaping Denmark’s export showcase

A new export hall of fame is to identify Denmark’s leading global enterprises. The initiative is the brainchild of the Danish Trade and Investment Ministry, and AU professor Philipp Schröder has been selected to join the ‘hall of fame committee’.

Photo: Anders Trærup/AU Communication

2013.05.06 | Education

Significant increase in applicants for master's degree programmes

The influx of applicants for the graduate programmes at Aarhus University has increased significantly. This is the initial conclusion after application deadline for the majority of the university's master's programmes.