Aarhus University is number 55 in the world

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A recent list of the world’s leading universities published by the Dutch university Leiden puts Aarhus University in 55th place – just one behind the University of Copenhagen in 54th place.

The so-called Leiden Ranking list is drawn up using a meticulous method involving the comparison of objective publication data such as the number of international publications and quotations in each subject area. This method tends to favour research into the health sciences and technical sciences – so it is no surprise to learn that the list is dominated by North American universities, which focus on technology and science in particular. North American universities occupy 40 of the top 50 places, with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Stanford University in the top three positions.

Aarhus University and the University of Copenhagen are the leading universities in Scandinavia, closely followed by Lund University in 59th place on the Leiden world ranking list.

Rector Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen has the following comment about the Dutch ranking list:

“Leiden’s ranking list confirms the results of other lists, which also place Copenhagen and Aarhus in the top 100 universities in the world. These lists are based on various criteria, so it’s not fair to compare them directly. The Leiden Ranking gives a very accurate picture of the impact of university publications worldwide, but it doesn’t measure the quality of the teaching, for instance. Even so, I still think that it’s a big advantage for Denmark that our universities are so well represented on these lists.”

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