Aarhus University wins majority of EliteForsk awards

Press releases 2010

Adrian Favell
Lars Arge
Kurt Vesterager Gothleff

On Wednesday 27 January, three researchers from Aarhus University received EliteForsk awards and DKK 1.2 million from Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Helge Sander. The EliteForsk award is an annual prize granted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to five of the country's most accomplished and talented researchers at a ceremony at Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket.

The three Aarhus University researchers to receive awards are Professor Adrian Favall (Faculty of Humanities, Section for European Studies), Professor Lars Arge (Department of Computer Science) and Professor Kurt Vesterager Gothelf (Department of Chemistry/Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center).

Four PhD students from Aarhus University were awarded EliteForsk travel stipends valued at DKK 300,000 to support an extended period of study in an international research environment: Casper Foldager (Health Sciences), Camilla Møhring Reestorff (Humanities), Maria Muusgaard (Science), og Kristoffer Laigaard Nielbo (Theology).

Finally, three researchers from Aarhus University were awarded the Danish Council for Independent Research Ung Eliteforskerpris (‘young elite researcher award’) valued at DKK 200,000: Nicolaj Krog Larsen (Department of Earth Sciences), Kim Christensen (School of Economics and Management, CREATES) og Mariola Monika Golas (Department of Anatomy).

The EliteForsk awards are a welcome confirmation of the dedication and talent of these Aarhus University researchers and PhD students. Their research and professional engagement fully deserve such recognition.