Have a Coffee with a Nobel Laureate and Hang Out in Dale’s Café

Press releases 2011

With two Nobel Laureates in the audience, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik inaugurated Aarhus University’s new building for internationalisation and talent development, the Dale T. Mortensen Building.

‘I believe that Dale’s Café will become a place where you can “hygge”, as we say in Danish.’

These were the words of Crown Prince Frederik when he inaugurated the new café together with the rest of Aarhus University’s new building devoted to internationalisation and talent development.

The Dale T. Mortensen Building houses the International Centre, the new PhD House and the IC Dormitory, which contains 28 dorm rooms and two apartments dedicated to recently-arrived international PhD students. During the day, guided tours of both the dorm rooms and apartments were given to the hundreds of guests that came to take part in the official opening.

From road to building

Among them was of course the key figure of the day, Nobel Laureate Dale T. Mortensen. During his speech regarding globalisation of education and research, he mentioned the other Nobel Laureate of Aarhus University, Jens Christian Skou, who was also present at the ceremony.

‘You have a road named after you, and for the past five years I have lived on it, so I am very honoured to have a building named after me. Now I can walk from Jens Chr. Skou’s  Road in the Nobel Park to the Dale T. Mortensen Building for a coffee.’

However, during the inauguration reception there was no opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee in Dale’s Café. From the early hours of the day both Dale’s Café and the rest of the building was packed with University employees, PhD students, international visitors and friends and partners of the University.

In fact, so many wanted to see the new building that the event had to be divided into two receptions; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. And to round off the day, 400 international exchange students arrived to register and pick up the keys for their accommodation here in Aarhus.

One stop for all

The fact that the International Centre now has its own building together with the PhD House makes it much easier to service the growing number of international students and young researchers that come to Aarhus University.

‘Our hope is that the Dale T. Mortensen Building will become a place where students and researchers will learn, live, socialise, and receive help and guidance. The unique thing about this building is that it combines social, academic and administrative activities in one geographical location,’ said International Director Kristian Thorn in his speech.