Rector nominated for European University Association President

Press releases 2011

At a meeting in Brussels on 28 January 2011, Rector Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen, Aarhus University, was nominated by the Council of the European University Association (EUA) as one of two candidates for election as the next EUA President. The EUA represents more than 800 members in 46 countries in Europe. Rector Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen has been a member of the EUA Board since 2008.


The EUA represents the regional and global interests of European universities, and the organisation works to promote collaboration between players in the European education and research sector. This is partly achieved through the Bologna process and in work involving the role of the universities in the EU’s Europe 2020 Strategy, which should provide answers to how Europe can emerge from the current crisis in a positive way and prevent such crises from occurring in the future. The organisation acts as a forum for collaboration and exchange of experience, and organises ongoing projects and conferences.

“In the ten years the organisation has existed, the EUA has made its mark as an important player in European discussions about universities, research and education. No other member organisation represents more institutions in the European university sector, and the EUA thereby has an entirely unique position as a mouthpiece for the European universities and rectors’ conferences. I’m deeply honoured by the confidence shown in me by the nomination as a candidate for the post of EUA President,” says Rector Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen.

The organisation was established in Salamanca in 2001 as the result of a merger between the Association of European Universities (CRE) and the Confederation of European Union Rectors’ Conferences. The EUA’s headquarters are located in Brussels.

The governing body of the EUA is the Council, which officially nominates candidates for election as President. The Council consists of presidents of the rectors’ conferences in Europe. The President holds office for three years and is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The next EUA President will take up office in 2012 and serve until 2015.

The next AGM is scheduled for April 2011, when Aarhus University will host the EUA’s Annual Conference. This conference also marks the organisation’s tenth anniversary, and is therefore expected to attract significant international attention.

The theme of the conference is talent development, under the heading Investing Today in Talent for Tomorrow. The conference is expected to bring together approximately 450 rectors, university leaders and key players in the European research and education sector. The aim is to provide a forum in which participants can exchange experience and discuss approaches to talent development.

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