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Research Centres

National Research Centres

Aarhus University currently has 15 national research centres which are being subsidized by The Danish National Research Foundation

Interdisciplinary Research Centres

The interdisciplinary research centres include scientists from two or more fieds. They are furthermore characterised by the fact that they concern themselves with at least two and usually three of the university's four core operations: Research, talent development, knowledge exchange, and education.

Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS)

AIAS is a IAS (Institute for Advanced Study) which is established as a unit at Aarhus University whose aim is to encourage high quality research with the attached importance of free primary research and talent development within all fields of study. AIAS selects their fellows solely by their qualifications in open competition and recruits talents in the best international category - both from abroad and from Aarhus University


Other major research centres

In addition to the basic research centres, the university has a large number of other major research centres.

Nationale Centre

De nationale centre på Aarhus Universitet har særlige opgaver inden for samarbejde og videnudveksling med myndigheder og erhvervsliv.