Adviser for Science and Technology

As an employee or student at Science and Technology, you have access to guidance on the applicable guidelines, for example rules on authorship and conflicts of interest. The adviser also offers confidential advice in connection with suspected breaches of the rules governing the responsible conduct of research. 

The adviser will treat all enquiries as confidential. The adviser may recommend that you act on your knowledge. However, the adviser’s duty of confidentiality does not extend to cases in which he becomes cognisant of breaches of responsible conduct of research of a particularly serious nature.

You can contact the adviser by phone or email. In cases in which the adviser is unavailable or disqualified, the alternate adviser steps in. 


Adviser: Professor Klaus Mølmer
D: 8715 5641


Alternate: Emeritus Professor Jens Ulrik Andersen
D: 8715 6616

adviser, Professor Klaus Mølmer
Alternate, Emeritus Professor Jens Ulrik Andersen