National provisions and guidelines


A national Code of Conduct for Research Integrity was adopted in Denmark in november 2014  The Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity was prepared by a multidisciplinary academic working group set up by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and Danish Universities. All 8 Danish Universities have agreed with the document that stipulates

  • Three principles of research Integrity: Honesty, Transparency and Accountability
  • Six minimum standards for Responsible Conduct of Research 
  • Recommendations for research integrity teaching, training and supervision
  • Recommendations for orderly handlingof breaches of Responsible Conduct of Research 

Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

In Denmark, a central national body - the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty (DCSD) - may investigate cases of suspicion of scientific dishonesty important to Danish research. 

Scientific dishonesty (research misconduct) is defined in the executive order of DCSD as:

Falsification, Fabrication, Plagiarism and other serious violations of good scientific practice committed wilfully or gross negligent in planning, performing, or reporting of research results.

Read the executive order

On the DCSD website you may find the full set of regulation for DCSD and the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty's guidelines on good scientific practice (in Danish).

United Kingdom:  

2012 saw the drafting of a national code on responsible conduct of research in the United Kingdom - "The Concordat to Support Research Integrity-Universities UK”. The code is a framework designed to uphold integrity of the research at the universities of the UK and presents clear descriptions of the research institution's as well as the individual researcher's duties to uphold research integrity and responsible conduct of research.

The Concordat to support Research Integrity


The new Irish national policy statement on ensuring research integrity was adopted in June 2014. The policy is developed by the Irish Universities Association (IUA) in collaboration with main  research organisations in Ireland. The policy aims to  " commit the main organisations in Irish research to the highest standards of integrity in carrying out their research so that partners and other stakeholders, and the international research community may have full confidence in the Irish research system."

National policy statement on ensuring research integrity in Ireland

The Netherlands

Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity