Admission for freemover students

Admission for freemovers/non-Partner students

International Freemovers (EU and non-EU applicants who attend a university that does not have a bilateral partnership agreement with Aarhus University and EU and non-EU applicants who are not currently attending a University) applying for AU Summer University courses by using the online application system. Along with your application you must hand in the required documentation.  

Please note that EU/EEA  citizens are obliged to pay participation fees whereas tuition fees only apply to freemovers from countries outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland.


  • If you are applying for admission to AU Summer University courses at Bachelor level, you must upload both your secondary school leaving certificate and transcript of courses taken in your bachelor's degree so far.
  • If you are applying for admission to AU Summer University courses at Master level, you must hold a relevant Bachelor's degree (or as a minimum 180 ECTS in your study programme) by the time of application deadline. (For example if applying for a course within economics you need a bachelor within economics, business administration or similar).
  • A valid english test (dating back no more than two years on the date of application) 
  • Or an English taught qualifying exam from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Scotland, or Ireland. Please note that applicants with a qualifying examination from African and Asian countries must submit an English test (even if the qualifying exam from this country has been taught in English).
  • Or a completed (professional) Bachelor's or Master's degree from a Danish Educational Institution to which a Danish B level in English ('English B') was a requirement at the time of admission.  
  • Please find further information on language proficiency requirements and how to document your language skills here.
  • You will have to pay for the course. Prices changes according to subject area, ECTS and your citizenship.

Please note that we cannot give any exemptions to the academic or language requirements and that Aarhus University does not offer scholarships of any kind to Summer University students.


  • A copy of your passport (EU citizens can also use ID cards) 
  • Applicants for bachelor's courses:
    • Your secondary school leaving certificate (high school or equivalent)
    • A transcript showing the courses of your current studies.
  • Applicants for master's courses:
    • Your Bachelor's degree diploma including transcript of records and a transcript of records showing the courses (and any results) of your current studies
  • Documentation for your English language proficiency. Please find the list of the accepted English tests as well as the list of applicants who are exempted from providing English tests here. Please note that that applicants with a qualifying examination from African and Asian countries must submit an English test (even if the qualifying exam from this country has been taught in English)  

    Please note that we need to have all the required documents before 15 March in order to process your application. In late April you will receive information on whether or not you have been accepted.

    Fees change according to subject area and ECTS: Please find the exact fee on the respective course page.  

Deadline and Application

Applications open 1 December and close 15 March.

Payment deadline
If you are accepted in the course(s) you applied for you will receive an email with further payment instructions. The deadline will be two weeks from the day the email was sent - The exact date will appear from the email.

Please note that payment can only be made with credit card.

Withdrawal deadline
If it is no longer possible for you to participate in the course you have paid for you need to withdraw no later than 4 weeks prior the course starts. After that date a refund of your participation/tuition fee is no longer possible.

FAQ for free-mover students

I consider my English skills acceptable, but I have not taken an English test. What can I do?

According to the Danish Ministry of Science's Order no. 212 §9 (21/2 2012) on Admission to Danish Universities, and the Danish Ministry of Education’s Order no. 214 §9 (21/2 2012) on Admission to Higher Education in Denmark (The Admission Order), all applicants must, as a minimum, document English language qualifications comparable to an "English B level" in the Danish upper secondary school (Gymnasium). A few courses require 'English A', which is one level higher than 'English B'.

Here you'll find an overview of how to document your English language proficiency.

Most of the accepted English tests are internationally available.

When do I have to pay participation fee and when do I have to pay tuition fee?

Participation fee must be paid by all admitted freemover students.

All non-EU/EEA citizens are also liable to pay tuition fee.

Exempted from payment of tuition fees are:

  • students on a bilateral exchange programme
  • students with a permanent residence permit in Denmark
  • students with temporary residence permit with a view to/possibility of permanent residence in Denmark
  • children of workers from non-EU/EEA countries

You can find the tuition and participation fee for each course on the individual course sites.

Is anything else included in the participation and tuition fees?


This means that books, course material, housing, social program and meals are not included in the fees and must be paid separately.

Do you have any scholarships available for AU Summer University?

Unfortunately, we do not have scholarships available for AU Summer University courses.

I am not sure that I will receive my English test results/other documentation before the deadline (15 March). Can I still apply?

You can submit your application in the application system, uploading an empty document instead of your missing documentation (please make a note in the comments that you will be providing the documentation at a later stage). When we check the documents in your application, we will set your application to "incomplete". This will re-open your access to the application allowing you to upload your final documentation when you have it. Also, remember to resubmit your application once you have uploaded the final documentation.

Please note that we cannot guarantee to take any documentation into consideration that is received later than March 15th.

My university uses another kind of credit system than ECTS - how do I know if I have what's equivalent to 180 ECTS?

Generally speaking, 180 ECTS is equivalent to three years of full-time studies. You can find guidelines made by the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher education here. If your country is not on the list, we will do an individual assesment on your documentation once we receive your application.