Avoid cheating at exams

Cheating at exams is an offence which is taken very seriously by Aarhus University, as it means that exam certificates issued by the university cannot be relied on as an accurate reflection of students’ performance.

Why is cheating at exams a serious offence

Your exam certificate is a guarantee issued by the university that you possess the competencies and qualifications described in the certificate. The accuracy and credibility of exam certificates s therefore of fundamental importance to the university. If you com-promise the accuracy of your exam certificate by cheating, not only does it loose its value - the credibility of all of the university’s exam certificates is undermined.
The reputation of your degree programme also suffers if people are unable to count on graduates possessing the qualifications their exam certificates attribute to them.
This is why cheating at exams is one of the most unacceptable offences in the academic world – and consequently an offence with severe consequences.

Please read this folder as to find out more on what constitutes cheating and how to avoid it.