Feed Ration Planning in Dairy Cattle Herds


Optimal composed feed rations are necessary to obtain an efficient milk production in dairy cattle herds. Forages constitute a major part of the feed ration for dairy cows, but the forages vary in quality and chemical composition, which make, together with the use of different by-products, the feed ration planning challenging.

The overall aim of the course is to give you a theoretical background for feed ration planning, which enable you to plan, evaluate and discuss feeding rations in commercial dairy herds. The teaching, student forum and the teacher collegium will be international with a focus on a Scandinavian setting.

The course will cover topics on feed supply, crop production, conservation and processing, feed evaluation, different systems for energy and protein evaluation, and nutrient requirements. Feed planning systems and evaluations tools will be compared and discussed. Feed planning in practice will be exercised using real life situations and data in the system NorFor, whereas other systems will be used in a comparative approach.

The residential part of the course will be taught over two weeks. There will be pre and post assignments. The course is concluded with a report for examination to be handed in two weeks after the residential course has ended.

Course description

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Venue and Meals

The 11 days residential course will take place in Viborg at Asmildkloster Landbrugsskole, Denmark, from Monday the 7th to Thursday August 17th of August. The residential course will include excursions to AU-Foulum, private farms and other relevant locations.

Late April students enrolled in the course will receive information on how to book accommodation and meals.

Costs for room, linen and meals per person and day at Asmildkloster Landbrugsskole are as follow:

• Single room: 250 DKK

• Shared double room: 200 DKK

• Linnen and towels: 75 DKK (optional)

• All meals: 325 DKK

• Lunch and coffee: 125 DKK (applies only to students not staying at Asmildkloster Landbrugsskole)

This means that full boarding in a single room for the full course (from Monday the 7th to Thursday the 17th of August) will be 6.625 DKK (approximately 883 EURO). Minimum costs for students organizing own accommodation, breakfast and dinner will be 1.375 DKK (approximately 183 EURO) for lunch and coffee during the full course.

Cost reduction NOVA students: There is a boarding cost reduction of up to 350 EURO for the full course for students from the NOVA Universities (including AU) due to support from NOVA and NORDPLUS to the organizers. This means that for NOVA students on full boarding in a single room for the full course (from Monday the 7th to Thursday the 17th of August) will be approximately 553 EURO.

Furthermore, students from the NOVA Universities can individually apply for a Nordplus mobility grant to assist participation in this course. 

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