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OLD 2016 - Introduction to Interactive 3D Graphics

Why Introduction to Interactive 3D Graphics?

In this course the participants will be introduced to interactive 3D graphics. 3D graphics is used in interactive applications such as games, product presentations, spatial interactive experiences and art. Hardware accelerated 3D graphics through the modern Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is accessed through APIs. In this course we will utilize the WebGLAPI available in most modern browsers through Javascript - although the topics are directly applicable to standard OpenGL on other platforms.

This course will give an introduction to the basic mathematical concepts, API structures, and computer graphics concepts necessary to build your own interactive 3D graphics application form the ground up.

The modern graphics pipeline is fully programmable, hence we will learn the GLSL programming language to write “shaders”. We will also look into basic topics such as transformations of vectors between the many “spaces” involved in computer graphics – as well as the transformation of geometry, textures and shaders into final rendering through the programmable graphics pipeline.

Finally we will specifically learn how WebGL is controlled through javascript – and can be used to create stunning visual experiences and games directly in the browser.

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