Photography & Anthropology


Photo credit: Christian Vium

Get an in-depth practice-based insigt into the use of photograpgy in anthropological and related Social science research and communication.

Through intensive workshop sessions that combine hands-on, practical exercises, lectures and discussions, this course provides training in the use of photography as a tool for social science research. The course focuses on interrelated methodological, analytical, theoretical and communicative perspectives.


Course participants will be presented to an extensive literature on photographic practice, history and contemporary applications that, in conjunction with the practical exercises, will equip them to produce, discuss and analyse photographic representations aesthetically and scientifically. Furthermore, the course introduces the student to the discipline of visual anthropology through central methodological and analytical texts and an introduction to a variety of specific examples of the use of photography in social science research. Throughout the course, participants learn to work photographically (from concept to execution to post-processing and editing of images) and to articulate their practice scientifically.

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This course is a part of 2017 Academy.