AU Summer University accommodation 2017 (information for 2018 will come later)

AU Housing assists international Summer University students finding a place to stay during the course.

Types of accommodation

Aarhus University does not own students' residences. However, AU Housing has an agreement with a Central Student Housing organisation and with private landlords, so we can offer these two types of accommodation in Aarhus: 

Student residences - the most common is single corridor rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom, where you will live with Danish and other international summer university students or shared 2 room’s apartment, where you share kitchen/bathroom with a summer university student.

Shared facility houses - typically houses with 6-12 single rooms with shared kitchens and bathrooms, where you will live with international summer university students only.

Unfortunately it is not possible for you to choose which type of accommodation you prefer. AU Housing allocates accommodation depending on number of participants at the same course, etc. However you are welcome to note your preferences in your housing application and we will do our best to take in to consideration.

All rooms in student residences or shared facility houses are furnished; single rooms are situated within a distance of max. 7 km from the campus. All rooms have access to a kitchen and bathroom (some rooms have private bathrooms, but this can’t be guaranteed). Rooms are furnished with bed, table, chair, lamp and wardrobe or alike.

No meals are included. You will have access to the kitchen in your accommodation, which is equipped with basic kitchenware and equipment for preparing meals. There are numerous canteens located on Aarhus University campus locations where you can purchased meals during daytime hours.

The rent includes utilities (heating, water and electricity) and internet access. Internet connection is limited to use for study purposes, email or Skype, but not for streaming.

Duvet, pillow and bedlinen are provided. You will receive them together with the key to your room upon arrival. Remember to bring towels yourself.

Venue outside Aarhus. AU Summer University courses are mainly held at Campus Aarhus. However some courses are placed outside Aarhus due to the fact that the content of the courses is related to a sudden location/need of material or laboratory. Please look at each courses page for the venue of the course and how to book housing at the venue.  



Lease period, price, key

The dates for the periods below are fixed, and can neither be shortened nor extended.  You can move in and out when it suits you within the leasing period.

Accommodation is available in the following fixed periods in 2017:

3 July – 31 July                            3350 DKK (app. 452 Euro)

3 July – 14 August                        4650 DKK (app. 628 Euro)

3 July – 30 August                        5950 DKK (app. 804 Euro)

17 July – 14 August                      3350 DKK (app. 452 Euro)

17 July – 30 August                      4650 DKK (app. 628 Euro)

1 August – 30 August                    3350 DKK (app. 452 Euro)

The payment must be done online with a bank payment card. Prices are excluding the payment fee, which is charged by debit/credit card issuer.  

Key pick up and moving in is possible from 14.00 on the 1st leasing day or any day after during opening hours (will be anounced later).

Moving out time and returning the key is at 8.00 on the last leasing day at the latest. 

If the duration of your summer university programme doesn’t match the housing period exactly, you can consider whether a reservation at a hostel or a combination of hostel/student residence is a cheaper option. When you consider the housing period remember, that some final exams will be held online. It is not neccesary for you to be in Denmark in order to take the online exam. Look for more information in the course catalogue.

Housing application process

Steps to follow to reserve accommodation:

1. In the letter of acceptance for the AU Summer University course, you will find a link to information about the housing application- and payment-system.

The deadline for housing applications is May 1st, 2017.

We guarantee accommodation for all international Summer University students, who apply within the deadline May 1st, 2017. It will be possible to apply for accommodation after deadline, but without a housing guarantee.

If you by some reason have not got a link to information about housing application system and you wish to use our services, please, send email to housing@au.dk.    

2. When we have processed your housing application you will receive a housing offer by e-mail from us. In the housing offer you will find information about the address, type of accommodation and other practical matters. You should accept or decline the housing offer.

You accept your housing offer by making the payment

3. The payment must be done online with a credit card. It is the only way to make the payment/accept accommodation. When you have paid, you will receive an online confirmation. The accommodation is now reserved for you.

Wish to find accommodation in Aarhus on your own?

If you wish to find another type of accommodation on your own you can find information about possibilities in Aarhus here hotels, hostels, B&B's or campsites.   

Terms and conditions for accommodation via AU Housing

By accepting the housing offer provided by AU Housing I accept that:

  • The rent includes utilities (heating, water and electricity) and internet access. Internet connection is limited to use for study purposes, email, Skype. It doesn’t have a capacity for streaming and downloading films.
  • All communication regarding accommodation will be by email and I will check my email regularly.
  • I can cancel my accommodation reservation up to two weeks after the date of my payment. Cancellation will be accepted only if sent to housing@au.dk. Cancellation sent to any other email address will not be accepted. Cancellation will not be accepted later than two weeks after my payment and AU Housing will not refund the amount paid.
  • I will respect the house rules of my accommodation.
  • I am not allowed to sublet my accommodation.
  • My accommodation is for my personal use only and no overnight visitors are allowed.
  • I am not guaranteed laundry facilities at the accommodation. I will be provided with information how to find laundry facilities in Aarhus.
  • I will leave my accommodation in the same condition as I found it.
  • I will clean and tidy up my accommodation according to the instructions of the lease.
  • That my accommodation will be inspected by AU Housing after my departure and I will be billed for cleaning and/or repairs in the case that my accommodation is not satisfactorily cleaned or is left with any damages.