AU Summer University accommodation

AU Summer University offers housing services to participants. We recommend you to apply via AU Housing office as soon as you have been accepted (you will receive information on how to apply in your admission letter). The housing service means that we will do our best to provide accommodation for all participants. However, since we cannot guarantee that we are able to find accommodation for all participants, we recommend that you also check out options for finding short term accommodation on your own e.g Airbnb, hotels or hostels. 

Below you will find information on the different accommodation types and how to apply for them.

Types of accommodation

Aarhus University – like all Danish universities - does not own any student dorms or housing facilities. AU Housing has an agreement with the Central Student Housing organization and with private property owners, so we can offer these two types of accommodation in Aarhus:

·         Student dormitories. The most common is single corridor rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom where you will live with Danish students and other international summer university students. We also allocate a shared two-room apartments, where you will be sharing kitchen and bathroom with another summer university student.

·         Shared facility houses. 6-13 students live together in one house. Each student has his/her own bedroom and shares the kitchen and bathroom with other summer university students.

The student dormitories are located throughout the city. All accommodation is located within easy accessible distances from the various educational institutions located in Aarhus (in general not more than 30-40 minutes by public transport). You should count on spending some money on public transport travelling from your accommodation to your course location.

All rooms in student residences or shared facility houses are furnished with a bed, table, chair, lamp and closet or similar. All rooms have access to a kitchen and bathroom (most, but not all rooms have private bathrooms). Kitchens are equipped with crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils. In case of a shared two-room apartment, your roommate will be a student of the same gender.

Please note that the student dormitories and shared facility houses do not offer any meal plan.

All locations have laundry facilities and internet access (you might need an internet cable).

The housing in student dormitories or shared facility houses is not hotel-quality accommodation. If you prefer to stay in another accommodation, please make use of one of the many hotels or hostels in and around Aarhus.

We also provide contact to current Danish students who wish to sublet their accommodation during the summer. In this case, you enter into the agreement as private persons.



Lease periods & prices

Accommodation is available in the following fixed periods in 2018

2 July – 27 July                  3700 DKK (app. 500 Euro) 

2 July – 12 August              5100 DKK (app. 685 Euro)

16 July – 12 August            3700 DKK (app. 500 Euro)

The dates for the housing period are not directly connected with the duration of the course. The housing dates and prices are fixed, and can neither be shortened nor extended.  You can move in and out when it suits you within the leasing period, but you have to pay for the full period.  

If the duration of your summer university programme does not match the housing period, consider whether a reservation at a hostel/hotel or Airbnb will be a better and cheaper option for you. When you consider the housing period, remember that some final exams are held online and do not require you to be in Denmark. Look for more information in the course catalogue.

The payment must be made online with a bank payment card. Prices are excluding the payment fee charged by the debit/credit card issuer.    

AU Housing generally tries to house students from the same course in the same accommodation. However, students enrolled in different courses might also be housed together in the same building, which gives you a great opportunity to meet international students from other disciplines as well as Danish students.

There are no standard combinations of specific courses and student accommodations. The housing of students of each course depends on the duration of the course and its number of participants.

Due to the very large number of students enrolled, it is impossible for us to take every specific request into account.

Housing application process

Steps to follow to apply for accommodation:

1. In the letter of acceptance for the AU Summer University course, you will find a link to information about the housing application and payment system.

The deadline for applying for housing through AU Housing is May 1, 2018.

If you for some reason did not receive a link to the information about the housing application system and you wish to use our services, please send an email to housing@au.dk.    

2. When we have processed all housing applications, you will receive an e-mail with a housing offer or if we are not able to find you accommodation we will send you information about how you can arrange accomodation on your own.

3. You accept your housing offer by making the payment. You must make the payment online with a bank payment card within 48 hours after you receiving the housing offer. Paying is the only way to accept the accommodation. Upon payment, you will receive an online confirmation. If you do not make the payment within the deadline, the housing offer will be cancelled.

Check in & check out

Key pick up and moving in is possible from 2 pm on the first leasing day or any day after during opening hours (10 am - 3.30 pm).

Moving out time and returning the key is at 8 am on the last leasing day at the latest. 



If you have signed up for accommodation, you can collect your key and the leasing contract at the Summer University Help Desk at the International Centre on the introduction day. Your room will be available from 2 pm on the first day of the lease period.

If you arrive on other days than on the introduction day, please let us know when you plan to pick up your key at the International Centre. If you are arriving on weekends or after opening hours, please book a hostel for the first nights or arrange with a housemate or friend to pick up your key.

Please send an e-mail with your arrival information to summeruniversity@au.dk.

Please note that there will be no possibilities of collecting the key before the lease period starts, nor any possibility of extending the lease period.

When you pick up your key and the leasing contract, you will receive a binder with practical information about your stay in Aarhus and information about how to get to your dormitory using public transport.



It is very important that you hand in your keys and the binder at departure as we require the keys for the next student moving into the room.

Please leave your room and return the keys and binder as instructed in your lease information from the housing office.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Housing at housing@au.dk.

Courses taking place outside of Aarhus

AU Summer University courses are held mainly at Campus Aarhus. However, some courses are placed outside Aarhus in cases where the content of the courses is related to a specific location or need of material or laboratory. Please look at the page of each course to see the venue of the course and how to book housing at the venue.  

Wish to find accommodation in Aarhus on your own?

If you wish to find another type of accommodation on your own you can find information about possibilities in Aarhus here hotels, hostels, B&B's or campsites.   


I already applied for housing, when will I receive a housing offer? 

If you have applied within the deadline, you can expect* to receive a housing offer in the period 2-15 May 2018 by email. If you receive a housing offer, you have 48 hours to pay/accept the housing offer. If you do not, the offer will automatically be cancelled. Therefore, it is very important that you check your email (including your spam filter) daily within this period. 

*We will do our best to provide accommodation for all participants. However, due to the high number of participants, we cannot guarantee accommodation for all summer university students.

When will I get an answer to my application if I applied between May 1-5th? 
We are hoping to send out acceptance letters in Week 20.

What about housing if I applied between May 1-5th? 
It is still possible for you to apply for accommodation. Therefore, if you wish to use our housing services we recommend you to fill in the online housing application according to the procedure described below. At the same time, you need to search for accommodation on your own. You will get more information on this in the acceptance letter.