Exchange students

In order to apply as an exchange student your university must have a bilateral exchange agreement with Aarhus University, preferably within the same academic area as the course you wish to join.
The international office at your home university must issue an official letter of nomination for exchange. Only the international office at your home university can issue this letter.
The nomination must then be approved by the relevant academic department at Aarhus University. 

If the nomination for exchange is accepted by the relevant academic department at Aarhus University you will not have to pay any fees for the courses you wish to take at AU Summer University.  

Exchange students must apply by using the online application system between 1 December and 15 March. Along with your application you must hand in the required documentation. 


Required documentation

In order to apply as an exchange student you need to upload the following documents with your application: 

  • An official letter of nomination for exchange from your international office at your home university.
  • A copy of your passport (EU citizens can also use ID cards) 
  • A transcript of records
    • If you are applying for admission to AU Summer University courses at Master level, you must hold a Bachelor's degree (or as a minimum have obtained 180 ECTS in your study programme) by the time of application deadline.

Please note that we need to have all the required documents before March 15th in order to process your application. In late April you will receive information on whether or not you have been accepted. 



How do I find out if my university has an exchange agreement with AU?

If you send an email to, we will be happy to check our database. You will still have to contact the international office at your home university in order to get an official nomination for exchange.

What is a nomination for exchange?

 There is no fixed format of the nomination. But it should include a statement that your home university want to nominate you for Summer University through the existing exchange agreement between AU and your home university. To find out who is supposed to make the exchange nomination, you must ask your home university. It is usually the International Office or your faculty counselors.  



Can my teacher/lecturer/instructor nominate me?

No, it will usually only be your international office that can nominate you for exchange at AU Summer University. It is not an academic reference letter that we need, but an exchange nomination. 

Will I automatically be accepted as an exchange student if I have a nomination?

No, your nomination must also be accepted by the receiving department/academic area at Aarhus University. Once you have submitted a complete application AU Summer University will contact the receiving department for final approval of the nomination.

What happens if my nomination is not approved/ My home university will not nominate me?

In that case you could consider to apply as a freemover fee paying student instead.

I may not receive my nomination/other documentation before the deadline (15 March). Can I still apply?

You can submit your application in the application system, uploading an empty document instead of your missing documentation (please make a note in the comments that you will be providing the documentation at a later stage). But we cannot register you before we have all the required documents, so if a course is full once we receive it after the 15th, we will have to offer you an alternative course instead.



My university uses another kind of credit system than ECTS - how do I know if I have what's equivalent to 180 ECTS?

Generally speaking, 180 ECTS is equivalent to three years of full-time studies. You can find guidelines made by the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher education here. If your country is not on the list, we will do an individual assesment on your documentation once we receive your application.