Meetings and events for lecturers 2018

During your stay at Aarhus University, the International Centre will host a series of gatherings and social events. Some are for lecturers and some are also open to family members


Welcome and introduction

The International Centre invites you to join us for a welcome reception in Nobelparken.

Venue: Nobelparken


Term 1: Tuesday, 3 July at 14:00

Term 2: Monday, 23 July at 14:00

Dinner and official welcome

During the first week here, we would like to invite you and your spouse for a dinner. We will inform you about the exact time and place on arrival.


Term 1: Thursday, 5 July at 19.00

Term 2: Thursday, 26 July at 19.00 

Lunch and Exam meeting 

To make sure you are well prepared for the exams, we would like invite you to lunch and a presentation about the Danish grading system and the way exams are done at Aarhus University.

Venue: Meeting room 1, International Centre


Term 1: Monday, 9 July at 13:30

Term 2: Monday, 30 July at 13:30


During each term we will schedule an outing for lecturers and their families

Term 1 : Wednesday 11 July at 14.00 (meeting time at the International Centre).

Term 2 : Wednesday 1 August at 14.00 (meeting time at the International Centre).