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Arriving and living in Denmark

Arriving in Denmark

The most common ways of reaching Aarhus are:
• Flying to Copenhagen Airport, then taking a connecting flight to Aarhus Airport (30 minutes), and then the airport shuttle to downtown Aarhus (Central Train Station). The bus ride is approx. 45 minutes.
• Flying to Copenhagen Airport and then taking a train from Copenhagen Airport directly to Aarhus. The train ride is approx. 3½ hours.
• Flying to Billund International Airport, and then taking the airport shuttle (1½ hours) to downtown Aarhus (Stops at Aarhus Central Bus station).
• Taking the train all the way to Aarhus.
• Taking the bus all the way to Aarhus (e.g. Eurolines).
• Driving by car to Aarhus.

Aarhus Airport – Tirstrup -
Location: 45 km north-east of Aarhus.
Aarhus Airport has several daily connections to Copenhagen, but it also has connections to various European countries.
Shuttle service: There is an airport shuttle between the airport and Aarhus Central Train Station (Hovedbanegården). The time schedule of the bus is adjusted to the arriving flights. The ride is 50 min. and costs DKK 100. It is also possible to pay with major credit cards and currencies such as US dollars and Euro.

Billund International Airport -
Location: 100 km south-west of Aarhus, right next to Legoland.
Bus 912X goes to both the central train station and the bus station in Aarhus.

Copenhagen International Airport – Kastrup -
Location: Copenhagen.
Shuttle service: There is a free shuttle between the international and domestic airport.
The price for a plane ticket from Copenhagen to Aarhus is approx. DKK 400-500 (one-way). Note that it is often cheaper if you book it together with your ticket to Denmark.

From Copenhagen by train -
If you wish to take the train to Aarhus and enjoy the Danish landscape you may catch a train either directly from the airport in Copenhagen (Kastrup) or from the Copenhagen Central Train Station to Aarhus. The trip to Aarhus from the Copenhagen Central Train Station takes just under 3 hours by highspeed train and 3 hours and 15 minutes by normal train. A one-way ticket on the normal train costs approx. DKK 340. The trip from the airport to the main station in Copenhagen takes 10 minutes and costs approx. DKK 20.

Arriving by train -
Aarhus is very easy to access by train from all directions. The Danish network of trains, which is run primarily by DSB (the Danish railway company) is well developed. There is at least one departure every hour between Aarhus and Copenhagen, and also good connections to the north and to the south (for instance Hamburg, Germany). Seat reservation is not required for most trains, but may be a good idea if you travel on busy days such as Fridays and Sundays – or with a lot of luggage.

Aarhus Central Train Station
Aarhus Central Train Station is centrally located in downtown Aarhus at the very end of the main shopping street of Aarhus starting next to the Cathedral. Outside the station, you wiill find taxis and bus stops for most city bus lines including the ones taking you to Aarhus University or your residence.

Arriving by bus
If you arrive on a Eurolines bus it will stop at the Central Bus Station. This is only a 5 min. walk from the central train station as well as the street with the city buses, Park Allé. So if you are using Eurolines it is still easy to find the city bus stops and taxis - just go to the central train station.

When planning how to get around in Aarhus by bus the website may be a useful tool for you.

Here you can insert the address you are departing from and the address you are going to, and then the website will give you different suggestions for which bus to take. Google Maps can also be used in this regard to plan trips with local transport.

Living in Denmark

Key pick up will take place at the AU Summer University Help Desk at the International Centre from 12 noon on 1 July, 15 July and 1 August.

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