FAQ– I have been accepted / I am currently awaiting an answer to my application

Do I need a visa to enter Denmark?
It is your own responsibility to check with the relevant authorities if you need a visa to enter Denmark, but just in case you do, we will automatically send every non-EU citizen an invitation letter. You do not have to ask for this, we will send it to you if we can see that you are not an EU citizen. We are hoping to send them out in week 20.

When will I receive the visa invitation letter?
We are hoping to send them out in week 20.

I already applied for housing, when will I receive a housing offer? 
If you have applied within the deadline, you can expect to receive a housing offer in the period 2-15 May, 2017 by email. After we send you the offer, you have 48 hours to pay/accept the housing offer. If you do not, the offer will automatically be cancelled. Therefore, it is very important that you check your email (including your spam filter) daily within this period.

When will I get an answer to my application if I applioed between May 1-7th? 
We are hoping to send out acceptance letters in Week 20.

What about housing if I applied between May 1-7th? 
It is still possible for you to apply for accommodation, but without a housing guarantee. Therefore, if you wish to use our housing services we recommend you to fill in the online housing application according to the procedure described below. At the same time, you need to search for accommodation on your own. You will get more information on this in the acceptance letter.

When will the schedule be released? 
This varies al lot from course to course, since it also depends on the lecturer, but in general most 5 ects points courses within business and business administration will have classes every weekday in the period from 9-12 and 10 ects point courses from 9-13. The syllabus, schedule and e-compendium will be uploaded to blackboard. Courses within humanities, health and science varies a bit more, so you will have to wait for the schedule to appear on Blackboard in June.

How do I get to Aarhus? 
You can find all the information you need on how to get around in- and get to Aarhus in the pre-arrival guide (see page  7-10).

Can I take the exam from home? 
You can find all the exam details you need in the coursecatalogue. Most exams are online and can be downloaded and handed in from home, meaning that you can leave Aarhus after the last day of lectures. If the coursecatalogue says “take home assignment” under exam details, you can do/hand-in the exam anywhere as long as you have internet 

When does the introduction day start? 
You can pick up your keys from 14:00 and from 12:00 and onwards there will be social activities, free sandwiches and a campus tour. There are no fixed time slots for these activities, we will do a tour once enough students show up and you will receive a voucher for a sandwich so you can eat in the cafe whenever you feel like. This is because we know than many of you will arrive straight from a long flight at different times during the day and msot of you might just want to head to your housing and rest a little before course start, once you have picked up your key. But dont worry, there will be plenty of social activities during the week where you will get to meet the other students. You can see the social programme here.  We will also create a Facebook group for all of you where you can start planning social activities, more information on this in the beginning of June