Blackboard is the Learning Management System at Aarhus University. Here information from the lecturer will be shared and the system can be used during your course to share information related to your course with the lecturer and the other students. Please remember to check your course(s) in Blackboard right away, as some courses might have preparations you need to do before the course starts.

Log on information for guest students

  1. For a smoother experience for you we have pre-registered you for so you can get a WAYF login which you need to log on to Blackboard.
  2. Your WAYF login is your AU ID(auXXXXXX). Find your AU-ID on (login to by using your AU email address and the same password you used when you applied).    
  3. If you don’t remember your password (or haven’t logged in to before) you can retrieve your (new) password here: and enter your AU email address in order to receive an activation link.
  4. When you have received your activation link, click it and enter your new password.
  5. Once you have registered at, you can log on to Blackboard via WAYF. You need to log on to Blackboard via one of these links:
    1. Courses within Science and Technology; Health or Arts:  
    2. Courses within Business and Social Sciences:

All other information you will receive directly from your lecturer by email or on Blackboard.

Location and Syllabus

You will be able to see the syllabus, on-campus location, literature and day to day readings for your course in Blackboard. Please read it carefully. Lecturers expect students to be prepared for the course.


Receive your course messages

Blackboard messages will be sent to your AU email address. We therefore recommend that you forward emails from your email address to your private email address. To do so please, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Log in to (Self-service) - choose English.
  2. Choose the menu option Email address(es). 
  3. Choose Add address under Other e-mail addresses and type in your private email address. Press Save. 
  4. Choose Configure forwarding under Student and choose your private email address on the list. Press Save.  

You can find a full manual (including screen shots) in Danish here: