Wireless Internet

To use the wireless internet your computer should have a wireless network card.

WI-FI: Eduroam

Wireless internet is available in all buildings at Aarhus University.

To access the internet from your Mac or PC download the settings from http://eduroam.au.dk/en/ (click “Log on to Eduroam” and choose “Students”) and login to Eduroam following one of these procedures:

1.            If you have an active login for Eduroam from your home university you can use this.

Or you can

2.            Use the Eduroam login provided by AU.

The AU login for Eduroam is <auid>@uni.au.dk. (e.g. au123456@uni.au.dk) and the same password you use for Blackboard. If you don’t remember your password (or haven’t logged in to Blackboard or https://mit.au.dk before) you can retrieve your (new) password here. To retrieve the password you need to enter the email you used when you applied for AU Summer University, then an activation link for the new password will be sent to you. Please note that this will also alter your password for Blackboard. 

To access the internet from your smartphone pick the Eduroam network and type in username and password.