Grants to support a term of research at Møllehuset, Sandbjerg Manor are available, either to enable the researcher to work on topics related to the area (Southern Jutland) or to provide a peaceful environment for the completion of a scholarly or scientific project.

Møllehuset ('the mill house') has been thoroughly restored and contains three flats: two 1 1/2 bedroom flats suitable for one or two occupants and a larger second-floor flat suitable for two occupants.

The apartments are fully furnished and equipped with flatware and dishes, kitchen equipment, telephones and internet access. The apartments are serviced by Sandbjerg. The basement contains shared facilities, including a storage room, a laundry room and a large common room.

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Floor plan of the flats [in Danish]

Rental terms and conditions

The Møllehuset flats are available to researchers from Aarhus University on the following conditions:

Term of residency: From fourteen days up to two months in most cases

Payment: Free of charge in most cases. However, fees will be charged for extra services, including linens and cleaning.

Meals: Kitchen facilities are available. It is also possible to participate in meals at Sandbjerg Manor.

Extra services: Guests can either supply their own bed linens, towels, etc. or rent them from Sandbjerg.

Applications: Applications should be sent well in advance to the AUFF office: The Aarhus University Research Foundation, Finlandsgade 14, 8200 Aarhus C. Research retreats at Møllehuset are granted on a running basis by the chairman of the foundation.

Additional information: More specific terms and conditions for the use of the flats are included in the rental contract.

When unoccupied by researchers on retreat, the flats are either used by Sandbjerg Manor for conference housing or rented out to university staff members. The rental fee is DKK 300 for the small flats and DKK for the large flat, telephone, cleaning, etc. not included. The weekly rental fee is DKK 1.600 (small flats) or DKK 2.400 (large flat).

Application forms and inquiries:

Download application form (pdf)


Aarhus University Research Foundation
Finlandsgade 14, 8200  Aarhus N
Tel. 871 53370, Fax 86 18 44 14
Contact person: Susanne Byskov