UNIVERS 15-2012

Photo: Lars Kruse

I’m only as good as my students

2012.12.18 | UNIvers nr. 15 - 2012

Research funding should focus on research projects that are unique to Denmark says professor Peter Ogilby. Meet the professor who some people think is even more Danish than the Danes themselves.

Henry Eddins. Photo: Anders Trærup
Vera Stelkins. Photo: Jesper Rais

What I wish I knew before coming to Denmark

2012.12.18 | UNIvers nr. 15 - 2012

n January 2013 341 new international students will be arriving at Aarhus University. But the city, their degree programmes and the Danes will all be new to them. So to help them feel more at home here, UNIvers has asked a couple of international students to give the newcomers a few tips: what to do in the city, life at the university, and what…