Ph.D. Courses in Responsible Conduct of Research

It is mandatory for all Ph.D. students enrolled at the Faculty of Health from January 2016 to take a RCR training course ( 3,5 ECTS). The course is offered by the Graduate School of Health.

After completing the course PhD students should:


  • Be familiar with the Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity as well as Aarhus University guidelines and Health standards of Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Be able to understand and discuss principles of research integrity and responsible conduct of research
  • Be able to identify, analyse and discuss cases of scientific misconduct and questionable research practices.
  • Know where to seek advice concerning responsible conduct of research and how to respond to suspicion of research misconduct.

To pass the course the Ph.D. student must successfully complete the Epigeum Research Integrity online course. 

Course content:

Principles and values of Research Integrity,

The terminology of RCR and Research Misconduct. FFP ( Fabrication, Falsification, Plagiarism)

Reflections on Questionable Research practices ( QRP)

How to avoid plagiarism

Guidelines and dilemmas concerning authorship and publication and how to solve disputes  

Research  collaboration and responsible Conduct of research

Managing conflicts of Interests

Responding to research misconduct why and how? 

Institutional procedures of handling suspicions of research misconduct and QRP

How to sign up for the course: 

RCR courses are announced in the Course calender at the Graduate School of Health.  

Course managers:

Professor Anne Mette Hvass

Professor Claus Højbjerg Gravholt

Associate Professor Ask vest Christiansen

Professor Henning Grønbæk

Professor Helle Prætorius


Advisor/special consultant Lene Bøgh Sørensen. Cell 20338579