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Three-year position as statistical genetic analyst at iPSYCH 953220

A three-year position as statistical genetic analyst (AC-TAP) is open in Børglum Lab at the iPSYCH and iSEQ centres, Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University.

iPSYCH (Lundbeck Foundation Initiative for Integrative Psychiatric Research) was launched in 2012 as the largest research initiative ever in Danish psychiatry with the overarching aim to identify causes and disease mechanisms in major mental disorders, including psychiatric genetics as a key theme. Genetic data on more than 80,000 individuals is currently analysed in iPSYCH (including GWAS and whole exome sequencing data), and additional genetic data on a similarly sized nation-wide sample is expected in the near future.
iSEQ (Centre for Integrative Sequencing) was also launched in 2012 as one of Aarhus University’s interdisciplinary centres, encompassing three of the university’s four main academic areas: Health, Science and Technology, and Business and Social Sciences. The overall aim of iSEQ is to integrate multi-layered biological sequencing data with comprehensive phenotypic and environmental data to increase the understanding of the complex molecular systems governing biological function and human disease. As of 2017, iSEQ forms the basis for a joint data center (Aarhus Genome Data Center) between the Faculties of Health, Science and Technology, and Central Denmark Region, serving both research activities and personalized medicine activities.

The position entails analysis of large sequencing data sets as the main activity, in particular analysis of whole exome sequencing data from tens of thousands of study subjects of whom the majority suffers from disorders such as schizophrenia, autism and ADHD. The analyses are conducted primarily at the national high-performance computer cluster GenomeDK at iSEQ/Aarhus Genome Data Center. Thus, substantial experience in handling and analysing such data is required. The analysis will also include common variants assessed by GWASs, and experience with GWAS is preferred.

The projects are typically part of international collaborations with the Broad Institute (Boston) and the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium as key partners, and the Børglum Lab comprises researchers from more than 10 countries, underscoring the need for the candidate to document good communicative skills (verbal and writing).

Start: 1 February 2018.

For more information please contact Project Coordinators Annette Bang Rasmussen (abr@biomed.au.dk), Anne Hedemand (anne@biomed.au.dk), or Professor, Director Anders Børglum (anders@biomed.au.dk). Please note that applications cannot be sent to this e-mail address - see section on ‘Application’ below. Formalities

Terms of employment and pay are regulated by the collective agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Appointment of Academic Staff at Universities.


Applications must include a CV and indication of education (a copy of the diplomas should be uploaded). Recommendations/letters of reference can be uploaded separately.

Applications submitted through channels other than the online application form below or applications which are not received by the application deadline will not be considered.

Guidance for applicants and instructions on how to complete the application form can be seen here.

All interested candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of their personal background.


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