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1-year postdoctoral position at Department of Biomedicine 939227

1-year postdoctoral position on ”In vivo investigations of alpha-synuclein prion-like disease propagation in the M83 mouse model and characterization of alpha-synuclein filament strains in vitro and in vivo”.

The postdoctoral position is a full-time position with 37 hours per week. Preferential starting date is from Jan 15th 2018.

Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience – DANDRITE, which is embedded within Aarhus University, wants to fill a vacant postdoc position.

DANDRITE is the Danish node of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine. DANDRITE was established by Lundbeckfonden and Aarhus University in 2013 and performs basic and translational research in brain and the nervous system. DANDRITE is an interdisciplinary research centre affiliated with two faculties at Aarhus University, the Faculty of Health and the Faculty of Science and Technology. The centre has ties to Aarhus University Hospital.

The workplace address is Ole Worms Allé 3, Bldg 1171, 8000 Aarhus C.

Job responsibilities

The applicant will perform 1) in vivo experiments based on the M83 alpha-synuclein transgenic mouse model where preformed alpha-synuclein filaments are injected in the hind limb muscles and 2) characterization of alpha-synuclein filament strains generated in vitro. The alpha-synuclein strains will be analysed biochemically, in various cell models and in vivo in the M83 mouse model. The applicant will have to seek funding for extending the project beyond the 1-year period.

Specific competences

The successful candidate has hands-on experience in conducting in vivo experiments in the alpha-synucleun prion-like spreading model in the M83 mouse line. Moreover extensive experience in generating and working with alpha-synuclein filament strain in vitro and characterising their properties biochemically, in cell line and primary brain cell culture models and in vivo is required.
Furthermore the candidate is expected to be able to manage projects, interact with international collaborators, develop novel technical approaches, conduct firm, kind and thorough supervision and be a good team player.

We offer 

• An exciting collaborative international research environment at the Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience, DANDRITE and the larger Neurocampus Aarhus of Aarhus University.

• A challenging position in an exciting new project addressing important fundamental question on the impact of intracellular protein aggregation on neuron structure/function addressed with novel technical approaches.

The project is carried out in a highly collaborative team at the Neurodegenerative disease laboratory.

For further information about the position: prospective candidates are encouraged to contact professor Poul Henning Jensen, e-mail: (please note that applications cannot be sent to this e-mail address - see section on ‘Application’ below) before deciding on submitting an application.

Required qualifications
This position requires a PhD degree in neuroscience or related fields.
Please also see section about 'Specific competences' above.

Formalities and references

  • Further information on the appointment procedure can be found in the Ministerial Order on the Appointment of Academic Staff at Universities.
  • The appointment is in accordance with the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (Akademikerne).
  • Remuneration is in accordance with the above, and the Salary agreement catalogue for staff at Health.
  • Further information on qualification requirements and job description can be found in the Memorandum on Job Structure for Academic Staff at Danish Universities (in Danish).


    Applications must be accompanied by a CV, diploma, a list of publications, a research plan as well as a teaching portfolio. A maximum of ten of the publications of greatest relevance to the job must be submitted. If you have an expert statement within the same job title (completed after March 1, 2016 at AU, Health), then this can be attached to the application.

    Further information on the application and supplementary materials may be found in the facultys Guidelines for applicants and Aarhus Universitys Guidelines on the use of teaching portfolios.

    The expert committee may decide to include non-submitted material in its statement. In such cases, the applicant will be informed and obliged to submit material, unless the application is withdrawn.

    Applications submitted through channels other than the online application form below or applications which are not received by the application deadline will not be considered.

    All interested candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of their personal background.

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