Susanne Bødker
Født 1. oktober 1956


1982: Cand. scient. Computer Science and Mathematics, Aarhus University

1987. Lic.scient. Computer Science, Aarhus University

1999: Dr. scient., Aarhus University

Positions held

1982-1983: Visiting scientist at Xerox Palo Alto Research Laboratory, California USA

1983: Visiting researcher, University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo Japan

1983-1990: Ph.D. student and assistant professor, University of Aarhus.

1990-2001: Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Aarhus.

1996: Visiting researcher, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems,
University of Limerick, Ireland (3 months)

2001: Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Aarhus.

2009: Visiting professor, KTH Stockholm (3 months)

Research areas

Human-computer interaction. Participatory design. Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW).



Human-computer interaction, at undergraduate and graduate levels. 36 master theses completed in
Computer Science. 5-10 in Multimedia, IT and Organization, Information Science, and diploma theses; 8 PhD theses; 4 current PhD students.


Major projects

  • 1. UTOPIA, a research project in co-operation with Arbetslivscentrum and the Royal Technical University in Stockholm and the Nordic Graphic Workers' Union (1983-84)

  • The research program on Computer Support for Cooperative Design and Communication (Coop). FTU/Danish Natural Science Research Council. (1987-1989)

  • The AT-project, a collaboration project with the Aarhus office of the Danish National Labor Inspection (1990-1993). Project manager

  • The Devise project, Danish Research Program for Informatics, (1990-1994)

  • The EC Esprit project EuroCODE. (1992-1995)

  • BIDI - usability work in Danish Industry, a collaboration project with Danfoss, Kommunedata and Bang & Olufsen, the National Center for IT-Research, 1997-1999. Project manager

  • BITEL - a collaboration project with UNI-C and Danish University of Pedagogics, 2000-2003

  • Center for Human-Machine Interaction, Grundforskningsfonden, 1998-2003. Member of management board and project manager

  • New Ways of Working, Alexandra Institute, 2000-. Research director.

  • Center for pervasive computing, 2000-2004. Member of management board, project manager

  • Researcher, ContextIT 2003.

  • Researcher EU FET IP PalCOM 2003- 2006.

  • UUID - Ubiquitous User Interface Design - a theory-driven approach to ubiquitous user interfaces and their design, STVF 2005-2008, Research director.

  • NIAS – Network for Innovative Administrative Systems, senior researcher, 2006.

  • ITSCI - IT Security for Citizens – senior researcher 2007-

  • eGov+ Exploring design and use of transparent and tailorable IT in local government, beyond Web 2.0. Project manager 2008-


  • BIDI, 1997-1999, CIT, 3.025.000 dkk
  • CHMI, 1998-2002, Danmarks Grundforskningsfond, total 9,5 mio DKK, DI share: 4.75 mio DKK.

  • BiTel, 2000-2003, CIT and UNIC (CIT: 984000 DKK, UNIC: 1,3 mio DKK)

  • NWOW, 2001-2006, City and county of Aarhus, Alexandra Institute, 4,3 mio DKK.

  • Convivio, 2003-2004, EU Network of Excellence, 106.776 DKK (AU share)

  • STVF personal, 2003, STVF, 40.000 DKK.

  • STVF UUID 2005, 1.800.000 DKK.

  • NABIIT eGov+, 8.000.000 DKK, total budget 16.000.000.



  • Best paper awards at HICSS (1999) and IRIS (2002).
  • ACM SigDOC Rigo award 2008 for extraordinary lifelong achievements “for her contributions to participatory design, computer-supported cooperative work and human-computer interaction”.
  • Member of ACM CHI Academy 2010.


Research administration

  • Main organizer of Working Conference on Development and Use of Computer-based Systems and Tools, 1985, IRIS 1989, and Computers in Context, 1995, as well as conference co-chair of Critical Computing 2005. Co-conference chair, ECSCW 1999, NordiCHI 2002. Program co-chair DIS 2006. General chair ECSCW2011.
  • Member of the following program committees for international conferences: 2nd Conference on Computer Cooperative Work (1988), 12th Information systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia, WG8.4 Conference on Multi-User Interfaces and Applications, IFIP WG9.1 Conference: Human and User Interfaces, COSCIS '91 (Collaborative work, social communications and information ECSCW '91 (European conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work), PDC '92 Design Conference), IFIP WG8.2 conference (1992, 1995), 12th Interdisciplinary on Informatics and Psychology, 13th Interdisciplinary workshop on Informatics and PDC '94, IFIP conference on Women, Work and Computers (1994, 1997), ACM DIS '95: interactive systems, IFIP WG8.2 conference - IT and Changes in Organizational Work, '95, PDC '96, CSCW '96, ECSCW '97, Interact '97, DIS '97, CHI ’97 & CHI 2000, 2007,
    2008, 2009 paper reviews, DIS 2000, NordiCHI 2000, 2004, DARE 2000, ICSC 2001 -International on Social Computing, Interact 2001, 2003 paper reviews, ECSCW 2001, DIS 2002, British 2002, 2003, 2004, Group 2003, 2007, CUU2003, Coop 2004, 2006, ECSCW2007, DIS 2008, CHI ECSCW 2009, Interact 2009, Group 2009, DIS 2010, Coop 2010, NordiCHI 2010, Group 2010, 2010, International Conference on Intercultural Collaboration, 2010, IHCI 2011, ECSCW2011.
  • Poster co-chair ECSCW 2003. Workshop chair ECSCW 2005. ECSCW General (co-)chair 2011, CHI chair 2012. CHI 2013 Paper chair.
  • Editorial boards, journals: ACM Interactions, CSCW Journal, Mind, Culture and Activity. Associate ACM TOCHI from 2004. Associate editor of International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 2004. Regular reviews for Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems, International Journal of "Cognition, Technology & Work."


International networks

Participation in Cotech workgroup IMPACT 1994-1996. Local co-ordinator Erasmus network on
Human-centred design. Local coordinator of Human Capital and Mobility programme ENACT and
various Socrates exchange programs. Danish representative of COST 14 Cotech Management
Committee. Socrates coordinator Department of Computer Science, 1998-present. Founding member and coordinator, EU Convivio network 2003-2006. Founding member Eusset.

Research councils

1997-2003: Member of the Danish National Research Council of Technical Sciences (STVF). Chair of
National IT research grant’s committee, 2003-2004, and several inter-council committees. Substitute
member of National Committee regarding scientific conduct (UVVU). Advisory work for research
councils in the UK, Sweden and Norway. Switzerland, Luxemburg, Finland.

September 2011: Appointed member of the European Science Foundation’s standing committess for
physical and engineering sciences: PESC.


Appointment and doctoral committees

Appointment committees at most Danish Universities, Royal Technical University, Stockholm,
University of Oslo, University of Lund, Chalmers, Bergen, Turku, Söddertörn, Växjö. Full
professorships: University of Aalborg, Copenhagen Business School, Lund, Roskilde, Syddansk
Universitet, Stockholm University, Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole, Södertörn Univerity College (twice), Royal Technical University, Stockholm, NTNU. Appointment recommendations for positions at Glamorgan, UC Irvine, Simon Fraser University, Turku, Uppsala. Doctoral committees and opponent
duties: Copenhagen University, Bergen, KTH, Blekinge Institute of Technology, DTU, Roskilde
University, Lund, Tromsø, Oulu.




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Invited keynotes and accepted peer-reviewed panels, posters and workshops at international conferences:

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In preparation full papers

Bødker, S. & Klokmose, C.N. (submitted). Preparing students for (inter)action with the Human-Artifact
Model. For International Journal of Design.

Bødker, S. & Zander, P.O. (submitted) (When) Scandinavian democracy meets Web 2.0, in preparation for Scandinavian Joirnal of Information Systems

Teaching experience

Since 1983:

1. teaching computer science, human computer interaction and system development at
undergraduate and graduate level at University of Aarhus. Since 1998, I have regularly been
teaching undergraduate courses for Multimedia education at University of Aarhus.

2. undergraduate introduction to system development/information systems for 5 years (1987-1991),
developed and taught graduate courses in system development. Teaching this course again from

3. introducing and developing graduate and undergraduate courses in Human-Computer Interaction
and Computer Supported Cooperative Work:

  • From 1998 I have developed and taught an introduction to human-computer interaction for multimedia students together with Olav Bertelsen.
  • Such a course has become compulsory to all first-year computer science students as well. I have developed and taught this course for four years (2004-2007).


I have taught together with a number of guests including Wendy Mackay, Horst Oberquelle, Joan
Greenbaum, Liam Bannon, Mike Robinson, Ellen Christiansen, Leysia Palen, Leigh Star and Geoff
Bowker and with a number of Aarhus colleagues from the Computer Science Department as well as the Department of Information and Media Science.
I participated as student mentor and program committee member of the Siena Design Project 2008, and hosted the Siena Design Project 2010.


  • 38 master theses completed in Computer Science.
  • 5-10 in Multimedia, IT and Organization, Information Science, and diploma theses.
  • 9 PhD theses (main advisor: Jakob Bardram, Christina Nielsen, Marianne Graves Petersen, Ole Sejer
    Iversen, Gunnar Kramp (Aarhus School of Architecture), Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose co-advisor:
    Preben Mogensen, Olav Bertelsen, Brian Bunch Christensen).
  • 4 current PhD students: Niels R. Mathiasen, Morten Bohøj, Nikolaj G. Borchorst, Mathias Korn. I was
    involved in advising 4 additional PhD students in the Centre for Human-Machine Interaction.
  • Advisor to several visiting PhD students (From Canada, England, Norway, Finland. Lately, Pär-Ola
    Zander, Lund, Hans Kyhlbäck, Ronneby, Tanja Svarre, Danmarks Biblioteksskole, Pirjo Näkki, VTT.

Invited lectures, etc. other than major international conferences

Invited lectures at Aalborg University, University of Copenhagen, Danmarks Tekniske Unversitet,
universities in Tokyo (Electro-Communications), Hamburg, Bremen, Lund, Stockholm (KTH), Turku
University/Åbo Akademi Sheffield, Birmingham (Aston), Siena, Stanford, San Diego, Helsinki,
Paderborn, Tampere, Ronneby, Vienna, Limerick, at Norsk Regnesentral, Apple Computers, Institute for Research on Learning, Palo Alto and Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.

Invited lectures at seminars and conferences in Milan, 1985, Statens Humanistiske Forskningsråds
conference on Qualitative Methods, 1988, Gesellshaft für Informatik workshop on Theorie der
Informatik, Burg Bederkesa, October 1989, at track on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, 2nd
International Conference on Activity Theory, Lahti, Finland 1990, Oksnøen Symposium 1991 on
Knowing and Knowledge: re-specifying the role of formalization, STIMDIS annual meeting, Linköping
1992, 1st conference for Socio-Cultural Research, Madrid, Sept. 15-18, 1992, workshop on 'Artefacts
and Talk in Collaborative Work Activity', workshop on Social science theory, computer technology and
cooperative working, Paris 1993. Invited panel participant Danish HCI-day 2001. Invited lecturer Jao

PhD courses and doctoral colloquia

PhD courses for the Finnish Research Academy, with Reinhard Keil-Slawik, 1994, and PhD course,
Aarhus 1995 with John Bowers, Manchester and John Hughes, Lancaster Universities, with Leigh Star,
Illinois, Aarhus 1998 and with the entire senior staff and scientific advisory board of the Center for
Human-Machine Interaction, Aarhus, 1998. Peter Bøgh-Andersen and others (BRICS2), Aarhus 2006.

Co-organizer of doctoral colloquia at ECSCW ’99, NordiCHI 2000, NordiCHI 2002 and NordiCHI 2004,
ECSCW2007, NordiCHI 2008. Danish HCI-day PhD colloquium, 2001. Senior participant doctoral
colloquium, Interact 2001, NordiCHI 2008.