Business Modelling

5th October 2017 13:00-16:00

For many new researchers, the language of business can somethimes seem remote. Every company will present and discuss their Business Model or Value Proposition – but what do these terms mean? Why do companies focus on risk and value creation?

The Business Modelling workshop provides PhDs and Postdocs with an opportunity to learn what a Business Model is. In addition, we will cover how a research group could design a start-up company to commercialise an invention from their research. We will introduce you to the Business Model Canvas concept and explain why you should do hypothesis testing. If after this workshop you want to test your business idea then join Lean Launchpad – From idea to business.


Eoin Galligan, Business developer at AU

Anne Sofie Dahlmann Breindahl, Special consultant in Academic Entrepreneurship at AU.

Both instructors are Certified Lean LaunchPad Educators from Standford University, Venture Well.


 Stakladen, Mødelokale 1, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C