Customized events

  • What is Entrepreneurship workshop: Contact us, if you want to learn how entrepreneurial skills can benefit your research funding, employability or in creating your own job.
  • Collaboration Planning: Enables PhDs/Postdocs to communicate value to potential commercial partners, helping both sides to set expectations and understand respective obligations. Read more about the Collaboration Planner
  • Value Creation Workshop: Contact us, if you, your department/team would like to join a workshop
  • Or if you are interested in participating in workshops on e.g. prototyping, business modeling, IPR, business collaborations, negotiation, Pitch Training, personal profiles and team building, costumer discovery, or other subjects of interest.
  • Get a business mentor or collaboration partner: Contact us if you would like us to help you establish a business collaboration. SPININ: Create growth in your company by being part of a SPININ collaboration where an entrepreneur and an established company can exchange knowledge, experience and inspiration, for more information contact Anne Sofie Dahlmann Breindahl