Nomination process

Nomination process

It is possible to use an existing bilateral exchange agreement between Aarhus University and your institution to nominate students for exchange at AU Summer University. 

In order to do so, you must send an email to containing a list of students who you will nominate for exchange at AU Summer Universty, before the closing deadline March 15th 2018.

Remember that the nominated students will be treated as regular exchange students and thus they will count in the general exchange balance between Aarhus University and your institution.

This way there is no difference in nominating your students for exchange at AU Summer University than to regular semester exchange. However, you may of course send more students for Summer University than for the regular semester. Since students usually take 10 ects, you can send three students taking for Summer University courses before it will count as one semester student in the balance. So please consider that nominating your students to Summer University, may influence how many students you can send for semester exchange at Aarhus University the following academic year.

We will inform your students how to apply correctly after they have been nominated  by you.

Once we are done with the admission process will issue offer letters and send them directly to the students by the end of April. You will be CC'ed in the email. 

If you do not wish to spend exchange balance on AU Summer University your students cannot apply as exchange students, but instead they must apply as fee-paying freemovers