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Case companies 2021

Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus Airport and AART Architects - in 2021 these are the three large companies which present cases for you students to solve. Although each company operates in different fields, they have one thing in common - their focus on sustainability. You can expect each of their cases to be connected to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Aarhus University Hospital

Aarhus University Hospital is one of the most specialized hospitals in Denmark as well as the local hospital for the citizens in the Central Denmark Region. The hospital has more than a million patients a year. It employs over 10.000 people and it has been awarded the best Danish hospital 13 years in a row. 

How can Aarhus University Hospital have an ongoing dialogue with the citizens of central region Denmark and  reduce the distance between citizens and healthcare workers.

The hospital asks students from all study lines to help out in improving their role as an important actor in the public debate, especially on topics concerning healthcare. The hospital would like to become present in the minds of  citizens of the Central Denmark Region, and gain citizen involvement, when it comes to issues concerning the ‘their’ hospital. 

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Aarhus Airport

Aarhus Airport aim for a considerable growth in passenger numbers, from roughly half a mio in 2019 to 1,5 mio in 2027 and 4 mio in 2040.

Aarhus Airport is located 35 km outside Aarhus, which is perceived to be one of the main barriers for growth, primarily for young people without their own means of transportation, when traveling out of the airport.

Since young people are the primary target group for the intended growth, our ambition is to effectively strengthen Aarhus Airport's image and improve customer loyalty towards young people, but at the same time we want to take sustainable action. The link between sustainability and the airport is not an obvious connection, which is exactly why we need your help.

Aarhus Airport aim to increase the passenger number and at the same time connect the solution with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in realistic terms, but how?

Work out innovative solutions with Aarhus Airport in AU Challenge 2021!

AART Architects

AART Architects aim to create buildings and spaces, which have a positive impact on people's lives. Knowledge about what works is essential to reach this goal, and the challenge is all about impact measurement!

AART Architects is based in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Oslo and employs 150 people. AART already has a dedicated team, who work with assessing our projects based on qualitative methods, with focus on both social, environmental and economic aspects. But they want to take this impact measurement even further and include a broad range of quantitative open data, to be able to prove the impact and document the investments made.

AART Architects have designed the new AU-campus and the new BSS-auditorium on the former hospital grounds, which is being built right now.

AART Architects ask students from all study lines for a new and fresh perspective on new ways to measure the impact of the future AU-buildings and surroundings.

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