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Join the Circle U. Challenge Team

Volunteer for Circle U. Challenges and get a great experience!

Would you rather gain experience from arranging, than from participating in Circle U. Challenge? Then continue reading...

  • Participate in co-creating and executing a unique interdisciplinary challenge with focus on sustainability
  • Work both independently and in a dedicated team with people from across AU-faculties, work behind the scenes 
  • Expand your professional capacity and social network while making new friends
  • Boost your CV with relevant experience from challenges connected to AU itself

The team is open to new members, and we have tasks in all categories and sizes, which you can contribute to. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

You are qualified if:

  • You are a current student at AU
  • You are driven, positive and determined in your approach
  • You are able to operate in teams as well as work independently
  • You want be active co-creators of the main Circle U. Challenge 2022 in November
  • You can work approximately 5 hours/week.

Tasks carried out by the team:

  • Event planning - Organize facilities and manage all event details such as location, staffing, equipment, promotional material, facilitation, etc.
  • SoMe – Creating content and structuring posts
  • Making presentations and videos
  • Contact with companies
  • Recruitment campaign – physical presence at canteens and presentation at lectures
  • Handle arising issues and troubleshoot any problems during workshops and main event.

Tasks will change continuously and will be taken on in accordance with personal preferences, making it possible to work with different kinds of tasks and in different group constellations.

What is Circle U. Challenge 2022?
Circle U. Challenge is a series of challenges at 7 European universities, who are part of the Circle U. partner alliance. Students from all the Circle U. partner universities can join all of the challenges. The concept is, that students come up with sustainable solutions to real life challenges, while working in cross disciplinary teams of students with different study backgrounds. Teams can be formed at a single university, but can also consist of students from different European universities. Students are offered a series of workshops, referred to as boot camp, where they get tools and skills, which they can then apply when working with the challenges. Circle U. Challenge 2022 takes place in November. Volunteers help in organizing workshops.

How to apply
Write a motivated application of no more than 1 A4 page to Merethe Kruse mekr@au.dk.
Describe who you are, why you apply, what you can contribute with and if you have any prior experience in this field. Attach your CV. Feel free to direct any questions regarding Circle U. Challenge or the volunteer job to mekr@au.dk or call 21386066.

Join the Circle U. Challenge Team!