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Workshops 2022

Experts from the The Kitchen - the innovation and startup hub at Aarhus University - will conduct a workshops teaching you how to solve and present cases. These workshops will be held in The Kitchen at Aarhus University in the first 3 weeks of November 2022. Furthermore other Circle U. alliance universities will offer a range of online workshops, which are open to all participating students, both from AU and abroad.

# 1 - Introduction to Case + Team Building

1/11 16-19 

Aarhus Municipality introduces the case and introduces you to the problem context and to the perspective of solving it.
You get to meet your team, and learn how your personal profile goes with the profiles of your team members. Team building exercises and fun!

# 4 - Pitch workshop

15/11 16-19 

This workshop is conducted by professionals from The Kitchen, the innovation hub at AU. It will provide you with persuasion skills and insights into how to build a convincing pitch with a strong storyline, how to effectively communicate your ideas. Food and drinks included. 

# 2 - Case Solving Methods

2/11 16-19 

This workshop is conducted by top professionals from the innovation hub at AU The Kitchen, providing you with a  problem solving toolbox and knowledge, which will enable you to just go ahead and solve those cases. We will supply you with food and drinks!

# 5 - Selection Pitch

22/11 16-20 

Present your solutions! A panel of judges selects 1-3 teams, who win an exciting journey to The Circle U. Grand Final in Belgrade in May 2023, to present their idea, all expenses paid. Furthermore, the winning team(s) are offered a possibility to further develop their idea in collaboration with Aarhus Municipality, while getting paid salary for up to one weeks' work. Food and drinks included.

# 3 - Sustainability Lectures

8/11 16-19 

These two lectures will provide you with useful and applicable insights and knowledge for working with your cases.
Climate Assesment and Substance in Climate Actions by/Hans Sandersson/ AU Iclimate
Nudging Effectiveness and Food Habits by/ Tina A.G. Venema/ AU BSS