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Anders Klostergaard Petersen


Associate Professor

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Anders Klostergaard Petersen

Areas of expertise

  • Cognitive approaches (Boyer, McCauley/Lawson, etc.
  • Cultural, symbolic approaches (Geertz, Rappaport)
  • Ritual studies
  • Diaspora Judaism
  • Judaism of the Late Second Temple Period
  • Apologetics in Early Judaism
  • Qumran - Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Ritual theory
  • Typological definitions of sacred texts
  • Charism/charismatic(s) movements
  • History of research
  • Ancient rhetorics and epistolography
  • Cultural and social anthropology
  • Semiotics of religion
  • Ritual theory
  • The History of Religions School
  • Myth and Ritual School
  • Roy A. Rappaport
  • Early Christian Apologetics
  • The Partings of the Way debate
  • The martyr literature
  • Early Christian asceticism
  • Early Christianity in the pre-Constantine Period
  • Early patristics
  • The Historical Jesus
  • Processes of canonisation
  • The Origin of the New Testament
  • The new perspective on Paul
  • Contemporary concepts of God
  • Epistemological conditions for modern Christianity
  • Studies on the conception of gender and sexuality in antiquity
  • Intellectual history with regard to the study of the ancient world
  • Theorising on the possibilities for conducting intellectual history

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