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Allan Sørensen


Associate Professor, Associate Professor

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Areas of expertise

  • International economics
  • International handel
  • Trade policy
  • Sustainability
  • Economic Policy

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Allan Sørensen is an Associate Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics and Business Economics and a research fellow The Research Centre for Firms and INdustry Dynamics (FIND). He holds a PhD in Economics from Aarhus University (2006). 

Section secretary: Malene Vindfeldt Skals


Allan Sørensen currently conducts reaserch on sustainability, international trade, firms in the global economy, effects of firm-level taxation on industry structure.

Teaching activities

Allan Sørensen currently teaches at the Economics programme as well as the Economics and Business Administration programme. Moreover, he supervises theses at bachelor, master and PhD level.


Allan Sørensen is a member of The Danish Business Appeals Board as well as of The Advisory Board of Teaching International Economics in the Danish college system.

Selected publications

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