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Areas of expertise

  • Empirical financial economics
  • International empirical finance
  • Household finance

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Charlotte Christiansen is a Professor of Finance at the Department of Economics and Business Economics, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University. She holds a PhD degree in Finance from Aarhus University (2001).


Charlotte Christiansen's research focuses on empirical financial economics and household finance. Her research in empirical financial economics includes studies of international stock markets, international bond markets, effects of uncertainty, and risk-return trade-off. Her research in household finance includes studies of households' investment decisions. 

Teaching activities

Charlotte Christiansen teaches courses and supervises bachelor's projects and master's theses in financial economics at Aarhus BSS. 


Charlotte Christiansen regularly participates in national and international committees, including promotion and hiring committees at other universities and governmental committees. She is a member of an expert group for evaluating the active management of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global (2021). She is a board member of Rejsegarantifonden (The Travel Guarantee Fund). 

Job responsibilities

Charlotte Christiansen is the director of studies for the bachelor programs in Economics and Business Administration (HA, BSc(B), soc.) at Aarhus BSS. She is a member of the management team of the Department of Economics and Business Economics. 

Selected publications

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